Patcher stuck on specific file (read generaltroubleshooting)

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Patcher stuck on specific file (read generaltroubleshooting)

Postby enbyfriend » 2020-05-22 05:45 (Friday)

Hello, I'm trying to help a friend install oRO on her windows laptop, but the patching is stuck downloading one file (2013-06-22-1-pal2.thor). I've installed everything just fine on my desktop before. Windows is up to date, she has no antivirus, and Windows Defender real time protection was disabled while patching.
screencap of patcher

OriginsRO Patch Version Checker Log
Log v.4.3.2
2020-05-22 03:07:14+0000
data.grf presence: Yes
kRagnarokPatcher.exe presence: Yes
Last patched: 3059::3059 (0x00000bf3 / 0x07)
OrigRO/main.orp presence: Yes
OriginsroPatcher.exe presence: Yes
Last patched: 188::19 (0x00000013 / 0x03)
System Info: Windows / Windows 10 (v10.0) (10.0.18363)
Game Directory: C:/Users/wiker/Desktop/OriginsRO
Launcher Directory: C:/Users/wiker/Desktop/OriginsRO
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Re: Patcher stuck on specific file (read generaltroubleshoot

Postby Mathy » 2020-05-22 11:37 (Friday)

Looks like you are trying to install from a zip that's missing some files. It might be an older version. I suggest you redownload the zip (try the 5-part download, it's much faster, trust me!), and reinstall from that.
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