Move Chars between Game Accounts

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Move Chars between Game Accounts

Postby -8EightyFour4- » 2020-02-04 22:23 (Tuesday)

This is a technical thing so I hope it's the right place for this topic.

Could there be an option to move characters between game accounts and not only within a game account?
Like a character created on game account A could be moved to game account B (same gender).

I know that some people create a whole game account for every character they make.
I am more oldschool and like to have a main account for my active chars and I only use second accounts for endow and vending.
Having the option of moving chars between game accounts would be awesome to handle!

How are the chances?
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Santa Poring
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Re: Move Chars between Game Accounts

Postby GM Ischia » 2020-02-06 00:23 (Thursday)


please create a ticket on our OriginsRO Support Page here:

The requirements for a character transfer are:

The character must not be in a guild

The character must not be in a party

The character's pet (if any) must have been sent back to their eggs

The character's homunculus (if any) must have been set to rest mode

The source and destination game accounts must be on the same master account

The destination game account must be completely empty

The source and destination game account must be the same gender

Choose the template for the character transfers and fill in all the information we need (Charname, Current Game Account Name, Destination Game Account Name)

If you plan to use your character actively at the moment, just make sure that all conditions are true, once you plan to log out. If you are online while we are trying to do the transfer, we will contact you ingame :)

Please also bring some patience, because currently those tickets are not a very high priority and will get worked on, if the high priority tasks have been completed.
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