Hunter Traps dmg is devided.

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Hunter Traps dmg is devided.

Postby xsoull » 2019-11-08 10:34 (Friday)

There was an issue related to Claymore trap before not reported by me :
here is the link: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2720
However there is other issue that was not addressed during that topic.

Hunter traps were meant to be used as AOE dmg dealing skill. however i get the feeling it is not the case here.

The BUG that you mentioned in the issue linked above was fixed that is true.
Steps to reporduce the issue mentioned above:
- Get a few monsters to chase you
- Set Claymore trap
- Make all of them step on the trap in the same time.
- This would lead to activating the Claymore trap x the amount of mobs that steped on this ( which was a BUG ) <-- there is no arguing in that.
- example. Single monster steping on the trap activation would lead to dmg 1000 to all monsters around. however if all monsters steped on the trap in the same time.
This would lead to doing 1000 dmg x amount of mobs as splash dmg. meaning if we had 20 mobs it would do 20k! dmg to all of them ( probably insta killing them all )

Why am i writing this:
Since i believe you did the total opossite to fix this and you tottaly broke the claymore/blast trap.
What is happening now is. you are DEVIDING the claymore trap by the amount of mobs that step on it or are in the trap ranage.

IF the Claymore trap would do 1k dmg to 1 monster.
IF there are 10 monsters in the trap ranage when its activated. the dmg is devided equaly among the amount of mobs. meaning each of them gets only 100 dmg... Which is totally not how it should work. or at least how it worked everywhere i have ever seen. + the skill description doesn't even mention the dmg deviding by amount of mobs so where did it come from?
This is a huge nerf to the trap itself. making it tottaly usless.
I checked that multiple times.
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Re: Hunter Traps dmg is devided.

Postby NoRelax » 2019-11-13 20:08 (Wednesday)

it makes no sense divide the damage.

please make traps hunters viable....
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