an item/price/overwiew/whatever guide.

an item/price/overwiew/whatever guide.

Postby Pophet » 2019-04-12 15:16 (Friday)

i started writing this "project" back in december 2017. (thats also the reason why some prices are not 100% correct anymore)
its not finished and i almost deleted it today and then i thought, its not perfect but if it can help atleast a little bit, why not posting it?
as usual, my english sucks.
and as usual, i dont care :)

this "guide" or whatever this is, is supposed to be a help for newer players.
i know that a lot of the things i say here are not 100% correct through the eyes of a veteran player.
im also one of these veterans and i was struggling with some things i wrote because i knew they are not 100% accurate,
but still would give a good overwiev for a new or casual player.

so with this guide/price list/overwiew/whatever i dont wanna tell players what todo, but give them somewhat of a red line they can follow.
i didnt want to write too much but also not to less.
reading and understanding this post should take not longer then 20 minutes.
maybe a bit more by checking some stuff ingame.

now start reading and if you like it or it helped you, leave a comment.
and if you are one of this toxic wannabe pros, you can also leave a comment and prove again what a jerk you are.

made and written by:

Grizzlee#6073 , the gabber hearing, k-pop addicted, never sleeping, ragnarok loving, EVERYDAY GIRLSDAY spamming, haters loving, nice guy.


first, lets talk about cards.

we have basicly 8 types in this category.

1. oneshot mobs, non woe. (easy to farm and pvm use only)
these cards are usualy in the range of 2-3m.
the more usage the card has, the higher the price.
examples: mandragora, vadon, kukre, soldier skeleton, vitata.

2. oneshot mobs, woe usage. (easy to farm and used in woe)
value on these cards can differ by a good amount, usualy 2-5m.
this might be one of the more complicated ones but you get the idea very fast.
some of these woe cards are more needed then others, zerom for example is used by a lot of classes, so the demand is much higher.
hydra on the other hand is only good for a few classes, thats why it is on the lower end.
examples: hydra, zerom, plankton, thara frog, mantis, smokie.

3. non oneshot mobs, non woe.
prices in this class are most likely between 4-8m.
basicly the same reason as in "1", but harder to farm.
examples would be: merman, dokebi, wind ghost, dragon tail, sidewinder, baby leopard.

4. non oneshot, woe usage.
the price range starts at 4m can go up to 15m.
i dont have much to say here.
there are not much of them and the prices basicly never change, atleast not by a lot.
just look over some of these cards via @whosell for example and burn these prices into your brain.
examples of these cards would be: evil druid, aligator, horong, raydric.

5. trash cards.
usual price is 20k-500k.
in this spot we have all the cards with no use or almost no use.
you can try to vend them or just npc them.
examples: andre egg, ant, poring, lunatic, wolf, metaling.

6. niche cards.
price 1-3m.
all kind of cards that look like shit but have a specific purpose.
i also dont have much to say on these. just read my examples and you get an idea.
examples: tamuran, neraid, rafflesia, roda frog, megalith.

7. rare cards.
we have 2 sub genres here.
1. good. 20m-50m.
2. bad. 5m-10m
in the first genre we have cards that are REALLY REALLY good and the good usage plus the rarenes spits out these high prices.
in the second genre we have cards that SUCK but are still very rare and you will find a collector sooner or later.
1. examples: paper, chung-e, abysmal, elder, zealotus.
2. examples: eclipse, toad, tower manager, chepet.

8. MVP.
50m - endless.
examples: all mvp cards................

i know i know, throwing all cards just in these categorys is not possible.
and we have a lot of cards that are simply almost impossible to pricecheck them 100% correct.
an example would be cloud hermit.
is it an woe or a pvm card?
well, its both. every woe guild need atleast one of this card and for that purpose, its easy worth 15m.
but if the guild already have one, they wouldnt even give 3m. why would they?
most non woe players just dont bother to get the card but instead buy the boxes directly from the marked.
so, is the card 15m worth to you? maybe.
is it worth 15m for me. no.

next lets talk about MOTD cards.
it should be logical that motd cards can drop DRASTICLY in prices.
lets say we have penomena and teddy bear, both cards usualy go for roughly 11m.
but since people love to farm them when they are motd, the cards can drop down to 8m for literally WEEKS.
even if you dont farm the motd, keep in mind how they can change the market for your benefits or for your disbenefits.

i guess thats it for cards.


and now, weapons.

weapons, i would put them in 4 categorys.

self farm

1. self farm.
in my opinion, these weapons dont have any value because you can make or farm them by yourself with little to no effort.
no value doesnt mean they have no purpose. and i dont think it doesnt really matter if they have woe or pvm usage, they are basicly free, no matter what.
examples would be: blade, pike, knife, katana.

2. pvm
weapons that are usualy good for pvm and used by a lot of people.
not as easy to farm as "1" but not impossible to get your hands on.
examples would be: gakkung, gladius, two hand axe, wire whip, jur.

3. niche.
most of these waepons are rare but with not much purpose, except for some builds.
almost impossible to put them all in the same price range.
examples: kitchen knife, gatling guns, bloody axe, bazerald, moonlight, dagger of counter.

4. woe.
also hard to put them in an accurat range.
but really, not that hard to get a base idea.
easy to farm = lower end.
harder to farm = upper end.
examples: saber, orcish axe, chain, long mace, fortune sword.

weapons are very simple, there is not much to it, atleast at our current episode.
weapons like combat knife and icepick will be at a MUCH MUCH MUUUUUUUUUCH higher price.
but untill then, just check out some builds and guides and look what weapons are used.


its time, ARMORS.

for the beginners eye, this can be redicilous complex, but in reality, it isnt..........

i start again with the numbering of the categorys.

1. self farm / mass
2. pvm.
3. woe.
4. niche.
5. essentials.

1. self farm / mass.
like with the self farm weapons, these armors can be used in woe and pvm.
some of them are godlike but are low priced simply because of high drop chances.
a funny example for this would be the silk robe. imagine this wasnt a creamy drop but instead a 5% mvp drop.
the silk would be easy worth 10m.
examples would be: silk robe, sandals, hoods, coats, mantle, padded armor, ribbon, clip.

2. pvm.
most pvm armor type items have one thing in common, high/higher def.
some of these typical high/higher def items are very good for pvm, but mostly suck for woe because of the absurd weight.
examples: greaves, full plates, chain mails, helm, cap, ring [0], brooch [1].

3. woe.
there are not as many items in this list as you might think.
most of them are already in "self farm/mass".
but we have some that are almost a must have in woe but dont drop in mass.
example for these kind of items would be: boots, meanteau, ALL shields, earring, formal suit, almost all [1] stat accesoires.

4. niche.
again a strange variations of items are found here.
items like orc helm [1], ancient cape [1] and coif [1] a found in this spot.
they dont have very much woe purpose but they can be really good on specific pvm classes.
examples: too much :)

5. essentials.
here we have some items i really didnt wanna put in any of the other categorys.
some of them are necessary for indirect woe and pvm purpose.
brewer equip is essental and is needed for woe and pvm, without brewer = no woe.
with brewer equip i mean stuff like AoA, crystal pumps, lord clothes etc.
in the world of pvm we have things like panty + undershirt, marionett doll, opera mask etc.
examples: see above.

what else is there to say?
not much i guess.


next will be the big boss.

we start with:
and end with:

yep, finaly we do some math.
but we make it very simple. (keep in mind, i do this mostly for newer players)
the most common uses of upgrades are:

1.from +0 - +4.
2.and +5 - +7.
3.+8 and higher

1. since 0-4 is safe, you just have to pay for the elunium and the npc cost, usualy 100k.
so, your base item price + 100k, thats it.

2. lets start with the very very basic.
if you are completly new to the game or never used the upgrade function for higher then +4.
in a nutshell, your items gets x3 in value with every "overup" (untill +7).
lets take a buckler for example.
800k is the base.
900k would be the base and the +4 safe limit.
a +5 buckler would be 2,7m.
a +6 would be 5,4m
a +7 finaly would be 10,8m.
and now you can add a small amount of zeny because someone, mabye YOU did the work on upgrading these. TIME IS MONEY.
a good and fair price for a +7 buckler would be 11m.

these are the next lvl with overups.
the success chance drasticly gets lower from this point on.
thats why these are not calculated with x3 anymore.
now the formular gets much more complicated and you should either:
ask an experienced player
or use
this calculator
keep in mind that the calculator is really straight forward and leaves no room to play, it only shows the theoretical price.
as in real life, people dont want to pay full prices.
you should substract roughly 10% to get the real/fair pricing.

my personal suggestion to newer players would be to not bother with items lower then +7.
+7 should always be your lowest goal, no matter if u use it by yourself or just wanna sell it.
sure, you can sell your +0 bucklers but its usualy more profitable if you try your luck.


lvl 1,2,3 and 4.

its not so easy here and its more based on experience.
the different lvls are completly different from eachother.
the save limits also have variations:
lvl 1 = +7
lvl 2 = +6
lvl 3 = +5
lvl 4 = +4
the overups for all lvl would be to long to explain.
use this calculator again


now the biggest confusion for all new players and also some old veterans :)

the combination of equip/weapons and cards.

cards and equips can drop in value BY ALOT if you dont combine correct.

i dont know how to start other then with an example.

my example will be:

boots [1] = 500k.
matyr card = 4m.

i give you a moment to think about a price if you combine them.
............ 4,5m you say?

its actually more like 3m.
but why is that?
well, both have value based on the clear/pure/empty/ base form.
but if you combine the bases with eachother, you take away the chance for the boots to get higher then +4 and the matyr will be forever in +4 boots.
in theory, the item is still worth 4,5m but who would buy +4 green boots? NOBODY, atleast not for that price.
its getting a bit better with +5 and +6 equips.
but +7 is the real point when the equip and the card dont lose any or almost no value.
so please if you read this, stop spamming the trade chat with your +4 cranial buckler for "just" 4m. its redicilous.
that why i give another suggestion here.
there is no need to rush in a game like ragnarok.
take your time and make +7 equips (atleast for woe).
belive me, you will regret it otherwise.
cards and equip are like a married couple.
both have to bring equal love, otherwise they will break up.

PS: i just recently saw an evil druid card in a +4 chainmail.
this sad evil druid is so hard raped, i almost cryed :(
a good example how a 12m card is now 6m.


if you are still here, congratz.

we now talk about usables.
for obvious reasons i cant really tell a pricing on these.

we have here:

1. pvm.
2. woe.
3. npc.

most of the items here are good but not good enough for woe and have an average vending/npc price.
they have too much weight or dont have woe usage.
we have healing items like aloe leafe, meat, green herbs and all kinds of fruits.
you get good money for a bunch of them on the market but in most cases its better to use them by your own.
maybe you dont need your 1k strawberrys now, but you will later on. there is a reason why other people buy them.

almost all of these have great value, either you use them by urself or you sell them for great prices on the market.
items like royal jelly, white and blue herbs, ygg berrys/seeds, auto badges, panacea and a LOT more.
sell them at weekends if you want the best price for them.
a lot of people only make money by farming these kind of items.
like hardcore grinding royal jellys or blue herbs.

good for us, we dont have a lot of items in this list.
some examples would be potato, banana, sushy and all kinds of other low healing/high weight items.

not much else to say.
you will get an idea after you played the game pvm and woe for some time.


etc items

these are the items that drop the most in the game.
most of them have no value at all, some are nice and others are simply GREAT.

lets start with crafting.
we can craft hundreds and hundreds of items and equips with etc items.
we have
woe items
pvm items
and fashions

woe items.
can be VERY expensive and are a VERY good way to make millions and millions of zeny.
this list is also huge, it always blows my mind how ragnarok handles the usage of all kinds of items, its not simple npc waste as in basicly every other mmo.
equip examples:
drooping cat: you need 300 freaking black cat dolls. hard to farm for most players but the result is a perfect secondary or in some cases primary woe headgear.
welding mask and binos: both need steel and both are almost a must have on every merch and archer class.
feather beret: i know, its not implemented YET. but it is the number one headgear choice in woe.
item examples:
witch starsand: used for making slim whites, the best healing source in the game.
scorpion tails: u need them to make fire converter.
stems/alcohol: 5 stems are necessary to make 1 alcohol and alcohol is the base for woe alchmist brewings like glisterings/cp and fire bottles.

pvm items.
can also give you some zenys and are a welcomed sub loot drop.
i dont suggest farming them hardcore. but its a very good way of making your first 1 or 2 million.
examples would be: mole whiskers, rainbow shells, dullahan armor, cats eye, elemetal stones and a bunch more.
you can farm and sell them or farm amounts u need by yourself.

sounds stupid, is stupid and can give stupid amounts of zenys :)
originsro gives us the nice addon to make fashion items into REAL fashion items.
for a small amount of zenys, you can turn them into a headgear that is shown but doesnt take your headgear spot.
THATS GREAT. just go to prontera and take a look around, 50% of the players will have some sort of fashion on them.
im also one of these 50%.
your character looks cooler and looking cool can be expensive.
examples would be:
orc hero, boys cap, winter hat.

now that we talked about the crafting, lets go to quest items.

almsot every quest (job, exp, item) needs some sort of etc items.
we have cheap items from low mobs, some more expensive items from higher mobs and also some "skip" items.
i would suggest to npc them, its not worth the hustle.
only exception would be the "skip" items, they are needed to skip a good potion of job quests.
an example would be "hand of good" + "chivalry emblem" which lets you skip the item gathering part for the crusader job quest.
in a nutshell, dont focus on farming them, its not worth it.
and you can pretty much do nothing wrong if you npc them.

and last, the npc trash.

everything that has no further purpose goes directly to the npc.
just check rms or the origins database, they usualy show u what you can do with the item.
if it shows nothing, NPC THAT SHIT.
sounds like it is not worth it to even loot it, but thats wrong.
a lot of mobs are in the higher zeny tier just because of the npc loot.
mobs like grand pecos, myst case and medusa for example.
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Re: an item/price/overwiew/whatever guide.

Postby Mudkip » 2019-04-12 15:18 (Friday)

pretty sure this guide will help newcomers as well as experienced players, ty grizzlee~

You should also write one about homonculus, just saying~
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Re: an item/price/overwiew/whatever guide.

Postby elfojonas » 2019-06-24 14:04 (Monday)

Wow nice guide man!
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Re: an item/price/overwiew/whatever guide.

Postby 1sec » 2019-08-08 12:58 (Thursday)

This is a very good guide with tons of valuable information. I feel however, that this guide should receive more love out there.
Good job, I enjoy reading your guides, keep it up! (/gawi)
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Re: an item/price/overwiew/whatever guide.

Postby jewish sonic » 2019-08-14 19:12 (Wednesday)

this is really helpfull, nice guide ^^ (/gawi)
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