Important Update Regarding Punishment for Macro Brewing

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Important Update Regarding Punishment for Macro Brewing

Postby Lace » 2019-02-09 19:52 (Saturday)

Hello Origins,

This is a short announcement to inform all of you that we're making a change to how we punish macro usage while brewing, as it is uniquely different from most other cases of macro usage.

From this point forward, if you are caught using a macro while brewing, your account will not be banned. Instead, half the total rank points of the Alchemist(s) you were using will be removed. Even if you are not the owner of the Alchemist. If the Alchemist has no rank points, all the potions it has created will be deleted instead.

We will not be retroactively punishing anyone for previous instances of macro brewing, but if you are caught in the future you will receive the punishment outlined above.

The ToS will be updated to reflect this change.
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