a few questions about this server

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a few questions about this server

Postby kakashi » 2018-09-15 16:56 (Saturday)


im new to originsro and i would like to know some answers to my questions:

1. since when is this server online?

2. does advanced class already exist? (like sin cross, high wizzard, lord knight...?)

3. am i allowed to creat 2 game accounts? 1 main account and 1 support account (sage, enchant weapon)?

thats it! :-)
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Re: a few questions about this server

Postby Kreuzbube » 2018-09-15 17:33 (Saturday)

I'm sorry to disappoint you but this is the OriginsRO Forum and not TalonRO ;)

The server has been up and running without any wipes since Oct 21st, 2013.
While we have kept the Open Beta title, we've been and are confident about the server's stability so there were and are no wipes planned.

No, Rebirth doesn't exist yet but it's planned to be released eventually.

You can create and play as many game accounts as you want at the same time, there is no limit.
But every person is limited to have only one Master Account and agrees to this the moment he/she registers via the forum.
If you're caught having more than one Master Account you'll be permanently-banned in most cases, and especially if this has been done in order to abuse something.
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