Coming back to Ragnarok Online

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Coming back to Ragnarok Online

Postby Ikuhara » 2018-09-14 09:17 (Friday)

Hi all,
I found this server after some days looking for a good low rates server to start from the scratch. I have played in many servers before, like AstarothRO, LightningRO or XatiyaRO, most of them medium or high rates, and from Spain or South America. I have also played many others mmorpg games, but couldnt find in them what makes RO to be a so special game.
So, im a veteran RO player but at the same time im still a noob, because i have never played in a so low rates server. I would like to start playing next week, and i would like to join a guild of casual players like me, not focused on WoE or PvP, but just a bunch of players who want to have fun in the game, leveling up characters, farming stuff or just chatting while playing.
See you all in game, have a nice day! (/kis2)
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