Impossible to open on MacOS

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Impossible to open on MacOS

Postby fjklsdfjkl » 2018-08-07 23:46 (Tuesday)


Just tried to install the game. Doesn't work.
I'm on a macbook pro 2011 and macOS sierra 10.12.6.

Tried to install game component from two source, option 1 and 2.
Tried to manually install the game like in the instructions
Tried to use the installer utility.
Tried to delete the runtime compo
nent ( with only the lego brick on it.)
Tried the problem detector:
========================= [Begin here] ============================
Checking for /tmp/Wineskin...
   not found.
Checking for temporary WS files...
ls: /tmp/xWSx*: No such file or directory
Testing connectivity to the OriginsRO server...
  (this may take a while)
Connection to port 80 [tcp/http] succeeded!
Connection to port 443 [tcp/https] succeeded!
Connection to port 6120 [tcp/*] succeeded!
Connection to port 6121 [tcp/*] succeeded!
Connection to port 6122 [tcp/bex-webadmin] succeeded!
========================== [End here] =============================

The game open and close in a quarter of a second. I was able to screenshot it.
It says:

Please wait...

Fetching patch info from server...

Then it close and a window appear saying that the app have close due to a problem.

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