some nostalgic shit (Geffen alli history and so on)

some nostalgic shit (Geffen alli history and so on)

Postby Kirchen » 2018-03-09 11:09 (Friday)

sometimes people are bored, and wanna read smth, so if u feel like missing the old times of ragnarok this may gives u some feels :D
mainly about euRO

After a closed Beta Phase lasting some months on the February, 4th 2004 the European Ragnarok Online Server went online.
At first there was a three month open Beta testing of the performance of the server. In this time a lot of people wanted to be the best since there was a ranking on the euRO homepage on which the best character was displayed. The first update was the "Turtle Island" update and information was available that War of the Emperium will be installed soon.
Quite soon [Alice-Blue] found with [summer] the future leader of [Tears in Heaven], [necro] and [Eden] the Emperium which was used to create [Tears in Heaven] and started a story of an alliance which will be in the mind of thousands of users.
Around this time [LTU] was also created but this was not the first time Midgard heard this name. In the closed beta [LTU] was merely a fun guild which was created by lithuanians under them [gibz] the founder of [LTU] and for example [Seagorr]. Later they made friends with some other people and became bigger. After the closed beta they decided that they will try another start and reopened [LTU] again. The name was kept since it was known by some people. Quite soon the people from the closed beta came together one by one and joined [LTU] again because they missed their friends. Slowly [LTU] got more and more member and evolved to a more serious international guild. [gibz] was able to unite skilled players under his flag and did a good start for [LTU] when WoE was activated. Actually they never ever dreamed that they will have such a good position amongst the top guilds later.
At the end of the month there was a meeting organized by [Akutenshi] leader [nique] to discuss about the castles takes in the upcoming WoE there was also discussed about a "non attacking pact". In this month some persons appear who will play a role later in the history of the Geffenian Alliance. So for example [Eden]. He was one of the highest characters at this time and member of the guild [Tears in Heaven] which was one of the best known guilds at this time. Some knew them because [Tears in Heaven] was created so early, others knew them because they made bad experience with this guild. For example people became jealous because of the early success of [Tears in Heaven].
Also to mention is [Alek] the leader of [Babylon] who becomes important later.

MARCH, 2004
One month later the War of Emperium starts and it was known that Aldebaran Castles had the best guild dungeon. So the strongest guilds aimed for that goal. At this day the first Emperiums destroyed in the history of euRO were in Aldebaran:

[Tears in Heaven] conquered Neuschwanstein (will hold it for 18 days)
[Babylon] conquered Hohenschwangau (will hold it for 52 days)
[Gruppe 8] conquered Neurnberg (will hold it for 73 days)
[Fallen Angels] conquered Wurzburg (will hold it for 14 days)
[Forever Love] conquered Rothenburg (will hold it for 174 days)

Neuschwanstein was dropped 18 days later by [Tears in Heaven] to [La Garde] but the reason for this will be covered later. As you can see the castles taken in these early stages of WoE were held for a long time especially the Forever Love castle.

In Payon the castles were held by the following guilds:

[LTU] conquered Myung-Yung (will hold it for 66 days)
[Babylon] conquered Chun-Dan (will hold it for 18 days)
[Faule Studis] conquered Bool-Young (will hold it for 18 days)
[Engelskrieger] conquered Hong-Roo (will hold it for 7 days)
[Gruppe 8] conquered Jukk-Rim-Yun (will hold it for 7 days)

Engelskrieger lost the castle seven days later and Gruppe 8 took it instead. In Geffen the situation was a bit chaotic, but after some WoEs, the castleowner were the following:

[LTU] conquered Leprion (will hold it for 59 days)
[Akutenshi] conquered Joybrilger (will hold it for 27 days)
[the DOENERkingS] conquered Yssnelf (will hold it for 11 days)
[Babylon] conquered Bergel (will hold it for 34 days)
[Tears in Heaven] conquered Melcedez (will hold it for 17 days)

In Prontera the castles where held by [Vengeance], [Apotheosanity], [Just a Delusion], [Fellowship] and [Defender of Midgard].

But that is not that necessary for the history of the Geffen Alliance. To understand it we have to look closer on the things which happened in Aldebaran. Because [Fallen Angels] (not related to the guild [Fallen-Angelz] which is the sub guild of [Hopeful-Angelz]) was said to have cheaters in their guild and [Tears in Heaven] was friendly to [La Garde] it was planned to kick [Fallen Angels] out of Aldebaran and make way free for [La Garde] but [Tears in Heaven] took the castle by accident and so they decided to drop their old castle to [La Garde] one WoE later.

APRIL, 2004
In these days all guilds were enemies because the pact from [nique] was not very strong and there was just a NAP between [Gruppe 8], [Tears in Heaven] and [Babylon]. But nevertheless [Tears in Heaven] worked together with [Gruppe 8] and did very well.
Soon [Babylon] decided to attack [LTU] in Geffen (connection between LTU and TiH). And [Tears in Heaven] which did not like [Babylon] much countered this attack together with [LTU] and [Forever Love]. [Babylon]'s castle went down and from this day on [LTU] was in Aldebaran. Shortly after this the first real alliance was founded in Aldebaran called the [LTG (LTU, Tears in Heaven, Gruppe 8) alliance]. [Forever Love] did not disturbed the creation of the alliance because they had a quite good relationship to [LTU]. You can say that this was the first and efficient alliance creation. The style of playing War of Emperium was entirely new defined. Because of War of Emperium meetings and the information exchange on the Alliance-Board which [Eden] recreated from the iRO Aldebaran Alliance this group of players were very good coordinated. For a long time their support system was the fastest on the server. It seemed that the support teams from the other were faster in the castles strengthening the defender as the attacker could gather on front of the castle. In case there were serous attacks. Mostly the castle lay silent near the shiny waters of Aldebaran.
In the others cities there were similar alliances created, but they were far less efficient as the [LTG Alliance]. My personal guess is that their lack of information exchange denied them further success in [WoE]. For example [LTU] was able to hold a Geffen castle for a quite long time although their main castle was now in Aldebaran.
As soon as Aldebaran was stable [LTG] decided to get some action. So Aldebaran attacked different castles. Especially the well defended once. The style of WoE in this time differs from the style it is played today. It is because there were not that much strong guilds the castles were normally defended by just one guild. This was totally normal and other guilds were called "Defslaves" if they defended a castle with a second guild. The [LTU] member were equipped with over upgraded Treasure-Box items it is very likely that the other guilds handled it the same way. So Aldebaran guilds could conquer most castles of this server alone without support teams from others.

MAY - JULY, 2004
This period is often referred as the first wave of terrorisation Aldebaran brought to Midgard. [LTG] was accused to try to suppress smaller guilds to minimize the risk of future enemies totally nonsense of course. But you can not deny that through this actions Aldebaran was getting stronger and stronger. Since they often got more then one castle and collected all sort of different Godlike-Items, which the guild leader thought were important to collect for the future. But also the Aldebaran Guild Dungeon contributed his part to the strength of Aldebaran because of it their member were able to level their character faster then normal and soon all MVPs were frequently hunted by member of Aldebaran Alliance.
A lot of people complained in different boards about the domination of a few high-level players which rendered the competition in MVP nearly to zero. Maya for example was almost constantly killed by Aldebaran guild members. They looked especially for Safty Rings. The Doppelganger in Aldebran Guild Dungeon was a source of uncountable Spiky Bands. [LTU] alone owned at least three +7 Spiky Bands. [Talib] a high level Magnus Exorcismus Priest who soloed the two Baphomets (at this time there was a Baphomet in Hidden Temple and another one in Glast Heim) and the Doppelganger in Geffen found a Baphomet Card. He also bought a Mistress Card for some hundred million Zeny and another LTU member found a Phreeonie Card. As you can see the MVP Card Items which are in the possession of [LTU] are very old.

The face of the alliance is changing

The relationship between the guilds was getting better and better and more or less even the other guilds [La Garde] and [Forever Love] worked together with [LTG] alliance. The first big town alliance was established. And since this was a very slow process (some months) in which the guilds started to help each other there was never been a real alliance name. The euRO community started to call them the [Aldebaran Alliance]. But then a new announcement confused the new alliance. BHI said that there will be a character transfer from iRO to euRO. This meant that a lot of new and strong players will join the server. [Gruppe 8] which was formed out of some former [GodLike] member wanted to integrate them into the alliance and since the leader of [LTU] [gibz] was really sad about this transfer and wanted to quit RO. [LTU] should be the guild to be replaced with [GodLike]. But [LTU] managed to survive and the guild got a leader change. From this day on (around august, 2004) [riot] is the master of [LTU]. Of course this menat a lot of trouble. If [LTU] is not retiring which guild should be replaced by [GodLike]? We all know in the end it was [Tears in Heaven] which was kicked but a lot of influences lead to this decision.
There was some hatred between [Forever Love] and [Tears in Heaven], from information by [Eden], some [Tears in Heaven] members were reported by [Forever Love] in the guild dungeon at the beginning of euRO when they were allied. This resulted in a constant hatred between the two guilds. Later this was one of the reasons the alliance was cancelled and [Tears in Heaven] did some attacks on [Forever Love] castles. Not very serious attacks, but these attacks were enough to make [Forever Love] angry.
Shortly before the transfer from iRO [Tears in Heaven] attacked a castle in Prontera which was taken over in this siege for several times and hundreds of player rushed the castle. Sadly just in this moment the owner of the castle was [Forever Love]. So they counted this as an act of enemy and cancelled alliance.
Around this time [Tears in Heaven] lost some old and good members and so they were slightly weakened (In the time were the guilds did not have had guild extension level 10 this was crucial. For example if you loose 5 good members from around 34 members over all this makes some difference).
[GodLike] get to know about these facts and changed their target. They thought [Tears in Heaven] would be easier to take in such a weakened position and they were right. The first War after iRO hit the server changed the face of the existing alliance. Since [GodLike] were two guilds plus some support from [Forever Love] (not that many no actual numbers are found, but I guess they send one team around 10-15 members due the not maxed out guild extension that time.). Because of [Gruppe 8] who did not want to mess up their relationship with [Forever Love] they denied to help [Tears in Heaven]. [LTU] and [La Garde] were at this time under attack by [Return] (who were return? Another iRO guild?). So [LTU] were the only guild who send some support and even this was nearly nothing. Just five guildsman of [LTU] marched into the castle of [TiH] to prevent the unavoidable. The castle fell to [GodLike] on the 22nd of October 2004.
[wurstbr0t] gives us some information about the actual attack.

wurstbr0t @ 01.12.2004

think I'll check my screenshot archive when I'm back at home, perhaps I'll find the screenshot of GodLike's Alde attack squad during our first WoE. (split up in 6 parties..)

Thing was, GodLike started with two guilds they recieved from friends, one already guildlevel 11, the other one level 9, meaning at least 50 + X people from GodLike attacked TiH (quite well organized though ^^). Of what we heard that time, TiH messed up their alliance by starting a funattack on Forever Love, the old Alde Alliance broke, FL was kinda pissed and helped GodLike to get rid of TiH. G8 wanted to keep their alliance with FL, that's why they didn't interfere.

Our prior goal was to kick LTU from the top-left castle in Alde, but plans changed on Saturday before Sunday's WoE. Leaving the opinion: If TiH hadn't fucked up their allies, there would have been a chance for them to still exist, GodLike would have fought with LTU instead.

And I suppose no Alde guild would've been prepared for an attack that big, because they have never encountered one before. GodLike had 50+ people, each of the members spent 250k+ for whites, in the end we bought whites for 13m total.

Well, GodLike changed a lot since we/they left iRO, that's why many of the old members left, went to another Guild or opened a new one like we did, Rock 'n Roll. And please, this is no GodLike prayer/flame/fuck/shit whatever, just told the story in my own way, how I experienced our first 3 days and the fall of old Alde Alliance on euRO ^^"

After [TiH] was removed from the alliance they attacked Aldebaran Castles together with [Black Pirates] to take revenge. They even managed to conquer the [Forever Love] castle once and Hohenschwangau which resulted in a server crash.
But because of the good support and superior forces of the Aldebaran guilds [TiH] was never able to really gain control over one Aldebaran castle.
Sooner or later this sealed the end of [TiH]. They tried to set foot in a Geffen Castle some weeks later but they failed and disbanded. Since this was a very important guild. Here are some notes from the leader [necro] which he posted in the [Black Pirates] forum.

necro @ blackpirates.if/forums 03.12.2004

I created TiH and it was me who decided to close it.

The motivation in leading TiH sank from time to time and there were lot of moments when i wanted to drop my position as leader. Ragnarok was just monotonous, the WoEs were boring like hell and I didn't like to use my freetime to solve guilddrama.
TiH would probably die a lot earlier if some people didn`t help or supported me during that time.

Well anyway, something about the Godlike thingie. Cifer asked me several times for an alliance between TiH and GodLike, but most times i just told him to let me think about it and such. Of course i knew about the plan they had, getting LTUs castle and thats why i didn`t like the whole idea couse it would just mean one thing. Backstabbing a guild you were allied with for 5+ Months.

Then.. like 9 days before the full transfer i went to holidays, where i had no internet connection and i gave my account to someone else to lead the guild during that time. That was the time when things like the "funattack on FL" happened and also when basically the whole Alde ally backstabbed us to get themselves an adventage. Well, i don`t want to blame anyone, it was obvious FL would join GL to take our castle, since they do everything which gives them an adventage. Im just a bit disappointed about LTU and LG since they almost did nothing to help TiH during that attack, eventho we helped them alot in the past.

Well, after i returned from holidays, i wasn`t really angry on anyone. The WoEs after that take were the best in whole euRo time for me and lot of other TiHs. We had a lot of fun attacking castles with Return and BP.
Some WoEs passed and then Loki came. TiHs core changed to Loki (including me).
After the change TiH was still alive for a bit but it wasnt the same anymore and so, some of the members created their own guild (... and badly failed).

For a week or more TiH some members used their invite power to invite some random people i never heard before. After seing that i had to take everyones invite powers to let TiH rest in peace ^^

After all, i'm proud what TiH reached during the time it existed and since months i just hope World of Warcraft can offer me as much fun as i had playing Ragnarok.

After this events Aldebaran was quite secure once more allowing the guilds to re-invest into the castle economics and to gain more money and godlike mixing items. [Return] a also strong guild died and the players mainly joined Aldebaran guilds. [naki], the famous assassin for example went to [Forever Love].

The first Geffen War
Soon once again an update changed the alliance. The Aldebaran Guild dungeon was nerved extremely and Geffen was improved dramatically. So in the first WoE after the update was done the whole Aldebaran Alliance decided to move to Geffen. It was (when I am correct) the first nearly full force strike done by the Aldebaran Alliance. The current castle owner were not able to stop the heaviest incoming the server had seen until this date.
My personal point of view:

Sophet Drahas 01.11.2005
At this time I was in "Zirkel der Satai" and we helped our alliance Vengeance to defend Bergel we had our defence-line build up in the Emp room suddenly one castle after the other fell into the hands of the Aldebaran alliance. Our castle was the last or the second last to take and the tension rose and rose. It was the first time we faced that many incomings from the Aldebaran Alliance. And we were not really able to defend against them. With the attackers from Alde there were also Rock N Roll who wanted their place in Geffen. They attacked together and the castle went to Godlike at the end of this siege. 4 days later Vengeance, Eternal Souls and we were able to retake it. But then we had to face the Aldebaran Guild incomings and Forever Love took the castle in the end. From this time on we tried to settle in different cities. Eternal Souls took a high invest castle in Aldebaran. But since the castles eco was burned 2 WoEs after when I remember correctly Aldebaran was not worth anything anymore. So Vengeance went to Prontera and Payon. But we were enemys of the Aldebaran/Geffen guilds from this time on. Sadly our attacks on their Geffen main castles were never successful. Some months later Vengeance disbanded and I found my way to LTU our former enemy.

But the moving was not as easy as it looked. Actually it was rather complicated because there were several disturbing factors. The guilds which owned the Geffen castles more or less at this time were:

[Black Pirates]
[La Grande Blue]

This extract is from the [Black Pirates] board who discussed about the situation in Geffen some days before the actual moving took place. At this time they didn't knew about the plans of the moving form Aldebaran to Geffen.
Lube Hood

Well the situation with the Geffen Alliance (Annotaion: He means the castle owner in this time, not the later more famous "Geffen Allianz") is getting weird.
- Nero doesnt exist anymore
- Elements are strange /hmm. They never have helped us.
- Tsunami is a enough strong. They helped us a lot. But i dont understand why they insist to atk Prontera. Imho Pront's Castles arent worth to get it. It's a waist of energy and money.
Impossible to build an ECO and the GD is horrible
- Return is good. They rulez. We like them. We helped them and they helped us a lot of time. That's a real alliance.

So now in Geffen is a mess cuz there a lot of guilds coming.

As I already said to [Geist] I dont think that all alde guilds are coming to Geffen. They cant hold 2 castles and they dont want to leave alde's TBs.

So far we can see in Geffen 3 alliances:

1) Vengeance + Hopeful Angelz + Godlike + Eternal Souls + Zirkel Der Satai
This could be the strongest alliance in Geffen right now. But they have a lot of weakpoints.

- a Some guilds are weak, they have a lot of ppl but with "weird" builds. A lot of agi chars, wrong stats and whatever
- b Vengeance wanna change allies
- c ES and ZdS wanna change city
- d A lot of guilds "hate" Vengeance (I hate them too /heh)
- e godlike will follow alde guilds

2) Elements + Rock N Roll

RnR are ex-GodLike Members. At the beginning I was wondering if they were Godlike's friends or not. Now I know that r foes (at least a lot of ppl told me that).
It's a guild that has some high lvl players but in War they are not so many.
I dont think that they can hold a castle in Geffen. They need a lot of help.
Maybe they r gonna recruit more ppl.

Elements. For me they are "?". They never asked me what BP's plans are, if we needed help.....
Also there was a big misunderstanding with Nero. RnR attacked Nero's castle but RnR is allied with Ele who was supposed to be allied with Nero.

3) G8 + FL + La Garde + LTU

Are they coming? Boh.
La Garde tried but u need to be a really strong guild to survive in Geffen. They were wiped out really easily. So far just Evil FL has some success in Geffen.

4) Avg Guilds

Also there r a lot of medium guilds that they walk in Geffen.
- German Dragon Force. They r a lot of ppl, but most of them r agi chars. They r not so bad but also not so good.
- Nova. I saw yesterday for the first time. No idea from where they come from.

(Editor Notes: Removed some RO text-smilie-commands for better readability)

But the mentioned guilds never played well together and because of this can not be called an alliance then. Anyways [Black Pirates] got information about the planned move to Geffen around 2 hours before the siege started. So they were able to react immediately and secure a high invest castle (Rothenburg) in Aldebaran instead.
Even if it was planned to bash the invested castles in Aldebaran the old [Aldebaran Alliance] (soon know as [Geffen Alliance]) wanted to secure their castles in Geffen first. So [Black Pirates] was just attacked by [Forever Love] support teams who managed to conquer the castle once which was defended by [Black Pirates] alone. [Godlike] took the old [Forever Love] castle and [Gruppe 8] kept it. So these guild still holds a 100 invest castle and even took low invest Geffen Castles the same time. [LTU] also send out attack teams to bash down their old castle Hohenschwangau. But [Eternal Souls] took it and managed to keep it with the help of [Vengenace] and [Zirkel der Satai]. [Hopeful Angelz] took the old [La Garde] castle. The situation in Geffen was not that easy. Since some of the old castle owners wanted to retake their former castles. So Geffen was under attack from [La Grande Blue], [Forsaken], [Return] and [Honor] a quite special guild. Because it was founded by [stormfire] a [LTU] member who left this guild and created his own. It was a challenging siege. The [Aldebaran Alliance] never faced so many battlefields in one siege and it took some effort to coordinate the attack and defence teams efficiently. After this interesting siege the castle in Geffen were like the following: Leprion - LTU Jolybringer - GodLike Ysslnef - Gruppe 8 Bergel - Forever Love Melcedez - Aurore / La Garde In the following siege as the position of the [Geffen Alliance] was quite secure they planned their attacks on Aldebaran to bash the invested castles down. Their first target was the [Black Pirates] castles. They faced an attack out of support teams from all [Geffen Guilds] and very likely they weren't able to defend against them alone. So the castle fell very fast and was taken 10times. So the invest loss was around 75 considering the takes the siege before. Even the castle defended by [Eterna Souls], [Vengeance] and [Zirkel der Satai] was attacked and broken finally. Just [Hopeful Angelz] were able to defend successfully against the mass of incomers. With this action the hatred of the player began to rise. This alliance was considered as too powerful since they could do easily what they want. Some of the player flamed in different boards other made plans to fight against this superior alliance. On of this player was [Eden]. But his role will become more important some months lather. Something to mention was the little mistake which happened to [LTU] on the first day of their move to Geffen. It seemed that they missed a cloaked rogue who was able to get through their defence line and took the castle once. His guild was [<3 Mhur Forever]. After Aldebaran was not threaten anymore and the [Geffen Alliance] started to invest in their castles the main focus starts to move to [Payon Alliance]. In this city there developed slowly a also good working town alliance which was quite successful and stable. They consisted out of the following guilds: [Doenerkings], [Apotheosanity], [Sippe Heldenhammer], [Faule Studis] and [Engelskrieger]. As a small note: These guilds were also not new. Their names were known since the open beta of euRO and worked out more and more successful. A fact which was not unknown for the [Geffen Alliance]. To be continued.

Special thanks to all LTU member.
Lube Hood who gave permission to use some infos from his board.
Seagorr and stish who gave me important infos.
Eden for hints and corrections.
The Geffen Alliance, for just beeing the empire.

some woe vids from 2005
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Re: some nostalgic shit (Geffen alli history and so on)

Postby Shogun » 2018-03-09 22:11 (Friday)

Thx for this topic !

Even if I wasn't playing woe seriously on eChaos (I did it on eLoki), I recall every single guild you mentionned. And I remember all those allies and dramas, since I was reading a lot of forums at this moment.
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Re: some nostalgic shit (Geffen alli history and so on)

Postby Itachi » 2019-08-12 22:00 (Monday)

Incredible find while googling. I was playing in Vengeance (seem to remember Ryko, Eyrien, Darki, Mina?) and other guilds. Niva (Priestess) and Talib (Magnus Exocismus Priest, LTU) also come to mind.
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