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Postby Alhoon » 2019-04-17 20:02 (Wednesday)

Alhoon wrote:
nautalius wrote: If you're playing as a GX (which honestly more people should, I sad.) you can even equip a Solar Sword plus a Quad HF Weapon. :0

17% + 100% = 117% chance to regain

68% + 1% = 69% Damage back as HP.

At least this part is incorrect, tested it myself some time around october 2018 (as Assassin not GX for obvious reasons, but makes no difference). Each weapons chance to proc and heal % are independent of each other.

Got Succubus Pet and tested this again with Solar Sword. It definitely does stack like described in the guide, making Solar Sword go from 100% chance 1% leech to 100% chance 6% leech. I took a brief look at Hercules source code and it specifically treats dual wielding differently.
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