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Halloween Event

Postby Kreuzbube » October 30th, 2016, 5:20 pm

With our maintenance on 30.10.2016 at 1am we've implemented an Halloween Event.
This event is going to last until 06.11.2016.

On most maps and dungeons 3 Delightful Lude spawn.
They drop items that can be used in the following quests:

Fantastic Pumpkin Hat Quest
1. Talk to the Cool Devi NPC in Prontera (prontera 165,68).
2. Bring him 1 Pumpkin Mojo (Dropped by Delightful Ludes) and 1 Cap (Prontera Armor Dealer) and 1 Pumpkin (Prontera Veggie Merchant or as Drop).
3. Receive the Fantastic Pumpkin Hat.

Pumpkin Pie Quest
1. Talk to Horin in the middle of Geffen. (145,132) She will ask you to help gather ingredients for a Pumpkin Pie. When you talk to her again, one of the question options Hoirin gives is "How can I get eggs?" If you choose that answer, she will offer to warp you to Chicken Masta to collect the eggs (she will only warp you there once, and you must talk to her before talking to the Chicken Masta about the eggs).

2. Collect the following items, and bring them to her: 1 Pumpkin Mojo, 2 Pumpkin, 2 Egg. She will then give you a Pumpkin Pie.

Eggs: You must find one of the Chicken Masta's many missing chickens and return them to him. There are a number of locations on the map where they spawn (and they only spawn in those places). Click on one of the chickens (Example: nif field01 269,144) and type "Return" when it asks you for the magic word. Return to the Chicken Masta after each chicken you return. You will be able to purchase 3 eggs at 1000z each after returning each chicken. Pumpkins: Buy them from the NPC in Prontera (prontera 49,58) for 15z each, or gather from Delightful Ludes. Pumpkin Mojo: Gather from Delightful Ludes (fields and dungeon maps).
Some chickens even get every now and then lost in the middle of pay_dun03 and pay_fild08 (middle of the bottom plattform/slope)

Familiar Warper
1. Talk to the Deviruchi (nif_in 20,32) in the Inn in Niflheim (niflheim 189,207). The Deviruchi will tell you that Pumpkin Pie is Loli Ruri's favorite dish and ask you for it. Give him the Pumpkin Pie and he'll give you 3 Niflheim Express Ticket or a Cookie Bag.
2. If you want to use the tickets, go to the Familiar in Prontera next to the statue on the path near the top of the map, (186,28) or in Geffen (119,188) and Alberta (81,171). In exchange for one ticket, it'll warp you to Niflheim.
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