Acolyte>Priest looks for long-term PARTY

Acolyte>Priest looks for long-term PARTY

Postby rasham » 2019-07-18 11:09 (Thursday)

Hello everyone.
I'm new to Ragnarok Online. I've got 2 characters around 40 JLvl and still I'm humbly considering myself as a newbie to the game.
I am willing to make Support-like Priest. Since farming solo seems kinda rough idea and RO is MMORPG after all, I'm looking for party member/s. Just some mate to join me for the adventure.
I was thinking of creating some hunter, etc. for lvling purposes and boosting my priest. Although I figured out, that farming lvls and gear, from zero to hero with some friend is much more tempting and for me personally enjoyable way of playing RO.
So, as far as I've got my Lvl 1 Acolyte character created, I still need just one last "thing" ( sorry about that :D ). This is an comrade to join me.

Anybody, who would like to make party with me, just post the comment in this topic.
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