Heat - Does it proc equip/card effects?

Heat - Does it proc equip/card effects?

Postby Deus_Ex_Vesania » 2020-11-10 12:01 (Tuesday)


the titel says it already all but to add a few more words...

Does Solar/Luna/Stellar Heat proc
    - equipment effects of like Mythical Lion Mask (10% Stun)
    - or weapon card effects like Zenorc Card (4% Poison)
    - or armor cards like Enchanted Peach Tree Card (2% chance for lvl 1 Heal when attacking)
Both cards are just the first examples that came to mind for their respective place.

Opinions ingame went from clearly 'yes' to clearly 'no', while my own fieldtesting provided nothing useful.
Everything not dead in a second stomped me into the ground in the next. ...haha...ha...
And according to Google this topic was never ever discussed (/?)

So, here I am. Any experienced opinion would be as helpful as welcome.
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