How Viable "Taekwon in WoE"

How Viable "Taekwon in WoE"

Postby timeofdrmai » 2018-11-16 02:26 (Friday)

Hello, I am vigoss.
I've been playing RO for almost whole age of the game.
I love Originsro and in my opinion pre-trans is the best era.
I'd played many classes in WoE but never try Teakwon ( Taekwon master not available here yet )
Any suggestion?
My plan is to make a Taekwon that focus on distracting their precast using High jump to bypass to the precast to avoid the monk and Trap.

Str Total 70
Vit Total 100
Dex Total 40
Agi > rest of the status point > estimately 50

Using Mystical Lion Mask and Marine sphear to Group stun
Smokie and Tumbling to dodge fist
Flying sidekick and High jump for mobility

But since i dpn't focus on being Emperium breaker
There might be better if i just make a Dancer to Scream inside Bragi XD
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Re: How Viable "Taekwon in WoE"

Postby Endless1989 » 2018-11-16 09:35 (Friday)

Hey dude,

sadly i can't help you out with taekwons since they are a different species for me ô_o but if you don't get any helpful replies here, i recommend the OriginsRO Discord channel #min-max. The channel has alot of super cool nerdy guys (and girls and other genders) who love to min-max stuff and love to share their ideas.

You can find the Discord here:

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