Asura champ build

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Asura champ build

Postby WATASHI » 2021-03-03 18:18 (Wednesday)

Hello, first of all i'd like to apologize for any english mistake, not my native language..
Been playin for a while and i'm trying to plan my char, need some help :P

Done this build for my asura champ: ... aaaaakakua

My goal is an all around asura champ, would like to WoE and mostly MvP... kind know that the vit is low, but could not balance better the status.
Also i have some toughts about the cast-time, 0.83s is okay for asura?

Another doubt is about the farm, how and where champs actually farm? I saw some guys talkin about in chat bio3, is it profit?

Any help, comments and tips are welcome, thanks in advance.
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