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Stealing formula

PostPosted: 2019-10-17 14:57 (Thursday)
by Meowson
It's my first time trying a Steal-based build, and I'm trying to figure out how the skill works. I've come across three different methodologies as below:

1. OriginsRO has a wiki page and a pre-made spreadsheet to calculate what appears to be total steal chance including the success rate of the skill.

2. The in-game description from our own server, Ratemyserver, Irowiki, and guide from a different server (not sure if allowed to name) all show a variation of the following formula, [Item_Drop_Rate × (User_DEX + 3 × Skill_Lv − Target_DEX + 10)]/100, which is completely different from what's on our wiki. The results are different, even considering that this second formula requires an additional calculation to check the success rate of the skill itself.

3. Rode.doddlercon must be using a different, third method of calculating, since results are again different.

So my questions/comments are:

A. Which of the three methods is relevant to oRO? Any chance to edit the in-game or wiki descriptions to remove confusion?

B. How many decimal places does the system support? If, for instance, an item has 0.004% steal chance, is it still (technically) possible to steal?

C. If the wiki version is correct, what is the "Steal Bonus" value? It's even configurable on the spreadsheet, converting any value added into more steal rate percentage. Are there consumables that increase steal rate or something?

D. It'd be nice if the Gank wiki page mentioned that the skill doesn't activate if the monster dies in one hit. Could be wrong but this seems to be the case. I'd edit myself, but I don't know how to get wiki priviledges :).

Re: Stealing formula

PostPosted: 2019-10-17 22:42 (Thursday)
by Mathy
Everyone has wiki privileges, you just need to log into it with your master account.

About which formula is correct, check edit history. If the one on the wiki was written by someone named 'Zulf', it's likely accurate to our implementation, since Zulf is responsible of a lot of fixes and adaptations from iROWiki Classic to OriginsRO Wiki.

Re: Stealing formula

PostPosted: 2019-10-19 14:02 (Saturday)
by Meowson
Thanks for your reply :)

Edit: Added the note in Gank wiki page. Also does anyone know @showrare works with Steal?