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Stats Recomended for gank rogue

PostPosted: 2018-12-21 21:54 (Friday)
by Glotoneria
Hi all !

Im new in this server , i read some posts refer rogues, but really dont know that stats need for can gank easy and nice places for do it.

Someone can help whit some advices.

Thanks !!

Re: Stats Recomended for gank rogue

PostPosted: 2018-12-22 14:38 (Saturday)
by jaidz
well for some general advice you’ll need +90 agi to increase your dodge and aspd, moderate dex (50-60) to increase the auto steal % and also aspd and moderate str for damage and weight limit

early on you could try going the usual route for melee chars, training grounds > prontera culvert / payon dung / whatever > wolves > toy factory 2 and stay here at least until you get a myst case card, which will be your companion for the rest of your life

for skills you may want to get sword mastery 10 since it also increases dagger damage (someone please confirm this?????) and plagiarism 10 to copy skills like triple attack for single targets, bowling bash for mobbing, heal for sustain, etc...

gank rogues in general can farm and kill (most efficiently) single target monsters, but to maximize their output and autosteal mechanic, i would reccomend to kill monsters which their usually stolen item is a consumable or some sort of useful item, not something you would just sell to an NPC

i always use my gank rogue to farm equips like jurs [3] or shoes [1] rather than farming cards to take full advantage of autosteal

Re: Stats Recomended for gank rogue

PostPosted: 2018-12-23 23:59 (Sunday)
by Glotoneria
Thanks !

Ill try to the wiki build. Can gank for example bows for goblin archers???

Re: Stats Recomended for gank rogue

PostPosted: 2019-02-10 20:46 (Sunday)
by jaidz
Yes you can.

Don't know if this calculator is extremely precise but it is accurate enough to give you an idea of how gank and steal works. ... &calc=calc