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WoE Assassin

Postby Jackson » January 5th, 2017, 4:01 pm

Hey people!
I hereby present my WoE Assassin, which I am playing already.
I would be delighted if the discussion is based on figures and facts while personal preferences are clearly stated as such. Please bear in mind that this build is also exclusively focusing on breaking the Emperium Image during WoE. PvM, MvP, PvP or leveling capabilites are completely ignored.

Image Image

Let's start with the stats. It's base + job bonus + equipment bonus.

STR 93 + 6 +11
AGI 9 + 10
VIT 98 + 2
INT 1 + 4
DEX 28 + 8
LUK 1 + 0

Let me quickly remind you that ATK is boosted every 10 STR. It is therefore desirable to reach the classic 100, 110 or 120 total STR as the extra ATK is increasing by 2 for every boost. The plot ATK vs. STR is really helpful here.
One would now raise the finger and state that AGI, i.e. ASPD would now be more valuable over every point STR above 100 total STR, but calculating the emperium-breaking potential will reveal: it's not.

As assassins already naturally come with the second highest hitpoint modificator, it is recommended to exploit this advantage even further by using Poopoo Hat Image, Cranial Buckler Image and Immune Manteau Image all together with the assassin exclusive Assassin Dagger Image and Firelock Soldier carded footgear.

You might have noticed the exceptionally high VIT. This is the main characteristics of the build. Plain facts first: the total hitpoints would be 11 859 hp, with Firelock Soldier Card and Assassin Dagger it's even 15 545 hp and when further switching to Peco Peco carded Armor you reach exceptional 16 741 hp. This is putting you very close to surviving Asura Strike from most classic WoE-Asura-Monks.

However the most important fact is, that you are stun immune. This also means, that you can not be revealed off Cloaking Image. All together with Evil Druid carded Armor (preferably Formal Suit due to the low weight) you are literally unstoppable as you can neither be frozen nor stone cursed nor stunned. You can only be slowed, which just delays the inevitable.
If you are further interested in Status effects please remember, that iRO classic mechanics differ (partially a lot) from pre-renewal or even renewal mechanics!

Whether 100 total VIT is worth sacrificing damage output is - after playing several WoEs now - a definite YES! Please keep in mind that every point in VIT not only increases you hitpoints but also makes hp restoratives more effective. For every point it's +1% efficiency. In case of Condensed White Potions which by default heal for 325 - 405  and are mostly ranked, i.e. +50% they now restore an insane ~970 - 1200. Accepting overweight you can easily (equalling 3500 weight at 4890 weight capacity) carry more than 700 Condensed White Potions which let you restore your entire health about 50 times ...

I spent a lot of time calculating the classic dilemma of STR - DEX - AGI. Strength increases your ATK, AGI is mainly increasing your attack speed, i.e. attacks per minute, while DEX is - often underrated - closing the gap of minimum to maximum ATK, i.e. gets one closer to always putting out maximum damage, similar to Maximize Power Image. A quick sidenote: in any case you reach 100% HIT against emperium.

Some numbers to underline this problem, always assuming Assassin Dagger +4 and a double damned gigantic Gladius +7:
  • 110 STR, 19 AGI, 36 DEX leads to 128.09 seconds.
  • 100 STR, 19 AGI, 55 DEX leads to 132.44 seconds.
  • 100 STR, 48 AGI, 36 DEX leads to 129.74 seconds.

Since at the end of the War of Emperium only the very last hit, eventually destroying the emperium counts I opted for the 110 STR to maximize the damage for each individual hit. Incidentally it is also the fastest breaking capability. A further advantage of 110 STR compared to 100 STR is the increased weight capacity which allows you to carry an additional 300 weight or 60 Condensed White Potions Image!

Well, normally I would now show a picture of the skill build, but for WoE-Breaker-Assassins it's very straight forward and not really worthy to be discussed. Hide, Cloaking, Double Attack, Left and Right Hand Masteries, Grimtooth, Katar Mastery. If you do not want to anyhow touch any other player during WoE you can also dismiss the Katar skills and get the Venom based ones, which I would not recommend.

This build is aiming to be an unstoppable force while having the highest possible surviveability and still destroying the emperium within decent time. One would now claim, that pure breakers have more AGI and that the damage output, ie. DPS is comparibly low. However I counter that a stunned or even dead breaker does not deal damage at all. Remember, as /nocontrol does not work during WoE, being stunned stops you from attacking and makes you need to click the potentially crowded emperium again, effectively "stunning" you even longer.

I did not take into account active support from priests, Bards or other classes nor did I talk about debuffs or anything related to PvP or killing other players. This build is not supposed to fight players but only the emperium.
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