WoE / PvP Stalker Builds

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WoE / PvP Stalker Builds

Postby Sharkit0 » 2019-11-07 09:53 (Thursday)

Hello everyone,

I have been playing for a lot of years but I have a long break and I start again not long ago.
I hesitate between 2 builds for the stalker.
The first bet on the vit and the dex when the second bet on the int for the matk.
To know that the build will be used mainly for pvp and woe with full strip.
plagia flying kick for the first and storm gust / waterball for the second.
could you help me make my decision please with ideally some arguments.

Build 1 : http://rocalc.com/#haCbLbiaEaxbFbKacaba ... aaaaakakua
Build 2 : http://rocalc.com/#haCbLbiadabbFbEa0aba ... aaaaakakua

in advance thank you very much.

Ps : sorry for my english :/
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