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Re: Battlesmith builds

Postby Lillum » July 19th, 2015, 8:33 pm

heptan wrote:Ok, i made slight modifications, and:

Slight decrease in aspd (175.2), enourmous amount of hp boost (MHP ~ 11.5k), atk strenght is still destructive
(and 0 points left ofc, ocd)

Feel free to build either one Gukskull (or go for your own!)

if you told me that you can have 11.5k hp with Apple of Addun (Song of Lutie) you reach 11.5k either if you have Pecopeco w/matyr at that vit you have max 10.110 of Hp and that build without the pecopeco and you use clip w mantis and you reach 110 of str without bless (you can reach 120 with those things according to your build) if you count bless you can reach 120 with that build but you dont put the +10 in dex and int.

here is the proof


With your build and idk if those items are in this server you reach 120 of str with this listed build (but i dont share it so much...)


P.D: I only put the things that are relevant for the numbers that are listed in this guide and im trying to go to my perspective of the things (i am not saying that is a bad build im saying that build idk what's this role in the game if it is for a PvE matchups is good, for woe is bad and for PvP is average).

P.D2: Im horrible at english u_u

Edit: I dont take in count that the user have the Bloody Axe (with that you can reach 120 str) but again is way more better use other axes

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Re: Battlesmith builds

Postby Will Smith » August 20th, 2015, 2:03 pm

get 99 Str and you don't need all that Str gear to get on 110 Bonus without buff. So you can use your gear for Mdef/high Def / MHP  What ever...  
Not easy to get a +9 Footgear with Firelock Card
And i also get 11k HP with little less VIT.

Why 7 int? and 4 Luk ?
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Re: Battlesmith builds

Postby heptan » September 30th, 2015, 2:14 am

The key is swordsman card set. (This way I don't need a +9 footwear with firelock.)
So your total stats (with buffs) will be:
130  56  85  19  60  6   (STR  AGI  VIT  INT  DEX  LUK)

base stats are the same
130 STR = 93 base + 1 headgear * + 10 bless + 10 card combo + 3 mantis + 2 sl rings + 4 crazy uproar + 1 hilt binding + 6 job bonus
56 AGI = 42 base + 12 agi up + 2 job bonus
85 VIT = 79 base + 6 job bonus
19 INT = 7 base + 10 bless + 2 job bonus
60 DEX = 38 base + 10 bless + 12 job bonus
6 LUK = 4 base + 2 job bonus

(*) It can come from either sl marionette or evil wing ears. If marionette is choosed, put welding mask (+2def), if devilwing is reachable, use it, so you can wear an upper headgear with higher def than 0 (sl cap is an easy one, with 4 def).

11434 MHP, 483 MSP, 179 hit, 155 flee, 12.8 critical, 176.7 aspd (with berserk potion), 111/8 HP/SP regen

skills relevant: weaponry research lv 10, crazy uproar lv 1, hilt binding lv 1, adrenalin rush lv 5
items needed: marionette hat -OR- evil wing ears, 2 sl rings, assaulter card, permiter card, solider card, freezer card, heater card, mantis card

The main purpose if this build is to create a potential (and purely) PvE character.

About why 7 and 4 base INT/LUK:
Every 6 points in INT increase your sp regen by 1. Every 5 LUK increases your ATK by 1
If I put 6 on INT, and 3 on LUK, then I would have these nice little bonuses, and an extra 4 statpoints to spend. I don't have enough to reach the next milestone in any of these stats, so I decided to put 1 more on each. (if I put 2 on INT, i can reach 20 INT, but this is not a mage class, so INT shouldn't be in the multiples of 5, or 7...)

I don't use bloody axe, I prefer this card combo (you can use it on swordman, or thief chars too...)
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Have a nice day! ^.^
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