The value of Shattering Strike on PVM

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The value of Shattering Strike on PVM

Postby dunston » 2019-11-02 11:42 (Saturday)

Hi guys,

Curious to how useful Shattering Strike is for a pure PVM mastersmith?

I don't really see many benefits for me to even bother skilling this for the following reasons:

- I NEVER do PvP or Woe, so I only care about the PVM effects.
- Doesn't work on MVPs (I plan to use him to kill these in the future).
- Doesn't stack with HSCR which is probably the main killing tool I'll use.
- I know a lot of monsters you kill that are non MVP you can smash up quick enough, so it's not beneficial to waste time/cost of using shattering strike for it to be useful.

As like I said there is NEVER going to be a time I do PvP, is there any point wasting skill points on this?

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