Archer/Hunter/Sniper help please

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Archer/Hunter/Sniper help please

Postby daemon_hall » 2021-04-29 18:51 (Thursday)

I just started back up after 18 years lol, so I don't remember much at all.

I found the Gramps solo level guide and trying to follow that, so far I'm lvl 30/17 I think.

What stats should I be going for, for double strafe?

Also when do I need to get new equipment? I'm using the lvl 1 bow currently.
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Re: Archer/Hunter/Sniper help please

Postby Insane Research » 2021-05-01 06:52 (Saturday)

[quote="daemon_hall"]What stats should I be going for, for double strafe?[/quote]
The short version:
DEX increase your damage per shot (DS and autoattacks) and your chance to hit enemies <- this is your most important stat at the beginning
AGI increases your attack speed (and, as DS's delay is based on it, reduces DS's delay)
INT increases your SP pool and regeneration

For more in-depth information, check the Wiki:

[quote="daemon_hall"]Also when do I need to get new equipment? I'm using the lvl 1 bow currently.[/quote]
From base level 33 you can use Gakgung (slightly higher damage) and Arbalest (+2 DEX bonus), buy whichever you prefer from an NPC. Upgrade it to the safe limit (+5) at one of the upgrade NPCs for some extra damage - this needs 5 Oridecon, which you can buy from player shops (check "@ws Oridecon" and "@ws Rough Oridecon"). Near the upgrade NPCs you will find another NPC that trades 5 Rough Oridecon for an Oridecon (and Rough Elunium for Elunium, those are for upgrading armor).

Then, as you'll likely level at earth element monsters, get some fire arrows. You can buy them directly (i.e. from the tool dealer outside of sunken ship), or buy quivers (lighter, but extra cost, check "@ws Fire Arrow Quiver"). Once you reach job level 30, you can learn to craft arrows yourself (check the wiki for details), i.e. one Red Blood will give you 600 fire arrows.

After that, the answer becomes "when you can afford it". Aim for anything that increases your DEX. Non-sloted Tights can be bought from the Payon armor dealer (71.000z, +1 DEX), you can make Binoculars (100 Steel + 70.000z, +1 DEX), Apple of Archer (+3 DEX) is currently sold for around 1.5m Zeny by player shops.

About the @ws (for "who sells") command:
Typing "@ws <item name or id>" (without the quotes) into the chat box will give you a list of player shops offering the item. You can then use "@navshop <player name>" to get directions to that shop location.

Hope this helps, happy hunting.
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