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MVP Wizard

PostPosted: 2014-11-25 18:48 (Tuesday)
by Luzze
As some of you may have already read in main I'm making a MVP Wizard right now but can't decide on the Skills.

I got LOV for easier leveling (at Seals! <3 :D) And now have to decide for:

Lv. 10 Icewall
Lv. 10 JT
Lv. 5 Waterball
or Lv. 10 Safetywall
(or a mix)

I got 13 Points still to give and got the skills on this level right now

IW 2
JT 5
WB 0
SW 0 and needs 2 more points for soulstrike

any ideas?

Re: MVP Wizard

PostPosted: 2014-11-26 01:43 (Wednesday)
by Mathy
It kinda depends on the type of party you will have. Will there be a Priest who can SW for you?
I'd personally get lv 10 JT on any Wiz. WB depends on the availability of water on where you plan to MVP (maybe SG will do in those cases?).
You may also consider remaking and not taking FW this time. Maybe getting SW as a Mage is the ideal route for you (I can't know).

Re: MVP Wizard

PostPosted: 2014-11-26 06:29 (Wednesday)
by Luzze
Haha, I'm already making a Mage for a Sage without FW and she's a big pain to level :D I wont do that again until we get Einboch and the all Geos - Map!

I don't know yet what kind of party I will have.. but somehow I don't want to wait until I know with spending my skillpoints :(