Wizard skill build for PvE/going high wiz

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Wizard skill build for PvE/going high wiz

Postby CasualEvil » 2020-07-23 21:07 (Thursday)


I currently have a jlvl 50 mage that I want to build into a wizard with the intention of going rebirth into high wizard, and am looking for a skill build, so something made for leveling.

Now, I'm not sure what a build that would allow me to do both party (I heard bio 3 is popular, does that work as wizard?) as well as solo leveling looks like.

So far, I have fire bolt 10 and fire wall 10 (with fire ball 5 and sight 1 as requirements), and the other 24 skill points unspent. I have heard that safety wall is generally more useful than fire wall, although fire wall can be pretty useful for (especially solo I think) leveling too. As I already skilled fire wall, I plan to fix this when I rebirth, so I will take SW instead of FW then.

Thus, I'm looking for a wizard skill build with fire wall that I can level solo as well as in parties.

Questions that I have:
  • Does it make sense to invest wizard skill points to get SW (level 7?) in addition to FW anyways? If so, where I would save points, e.g., leaving out LoV or MS maybe?
  • Is MS or LoV more useful? I used to farm fur seals with vFWs and LoV many years ago, so my tendency would go to LoV, but I never used MS.
  • Does it make sense to get both?
  • How required is ice wall?
  • How useful is water ball?
  • As I think the skills depend a lot on where I want to level, any suggestions for that? So far I was thinking of bio 3 parties, stings, fur seals, maybe anubis, but honestly I don't really have an overview of the possibilities (I've seen the wiki page on wizard leveling, but it's a bit high-level for me).

I currently have this build (idea1) http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill6/wiz.html?10rKGKqAdodqabcKHxgK with SG, MS and LoV, but without ice wall and safety wall. Alternatively, this build (idea 2) http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill6/wiz.html?10rKGKqAdodqabzxaXbx skips MS and instead goes for ice wall 7 and water ball 5.

All tips appreciated, thanks! :)
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