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Inquiry: Crusader: Devo/GC Build

PostPosted: 2015-11-22 09:13 (Sunday)
by ykhben
Hi guys,

I hope the forum is still active aha :D

Anyways, I am struggling with my soon-to-be Crusader build. I would love to make a Devo Crusader without compromising too much on its ability to solo training/level up. Also, I wanted a devo crusader mainly because I would love to 'Tank' for my friends during partying. And I have heard Devo Crusader are needed in WoE (/heh)

But I don't think I want to go Pure Devo because sometimes when my friends are not online, I would want to be able to train alone. It has been challenging to balance both but using RMS stat and skill calculator, I manage to come up with more or less a Devo/GC build that I wanted. I just thought of asking other's opinion before proceeding, since we don't have a Resetter NPC (Which is great because it really forces me to think how to create a build) and I don't wanna mess up half-way after going a long way hahaha (/heh)

Please don't hesitate to give your honest opinion. Its my first time at-tempting to create a build from nothing and I would love to learn as much. I am still not familiar with Ori RO mechanics so it would be wonderful if someone can share a little about that as well (especially on stats). Anyways here goes:

Crusader Devo/GC Build

Str: 2
Agi: 9
Vit: 63
Int: 64
Dex: 87
Luk: 1


HP Recovery: 10
Bash: 10
Provoke: 9
Magnum Break: 10
Endure: 10

Cure: 1
Riding: 1
Faith: 10
Auto Guard: 10
Shield Charge: 3
Shield Boomerang: 3
Reflect Shield: 5
Holy Cross: 6
Grand Cross: 5
Devotion: 5

I didn't get Defender because I heard Devotion and Defender have some skill animation or mechanics problem. I am not sure how true is that so its not worth getting, or so I have heard.

Let me know your feedbacks soon, if any! (/lv)



Re: Inquiry: Crusader: Devo/GC Build

PostPosted: 2015-11-22 21:24 (Sunday)
by Kreuzbube
Little bit more VIT and less DEX might not hurt.
But I think for Devotion crusader that decision is kind of difficult to make.

Re: Inquiry: Crusader: Devo/GC Build

PostPosted: 2015-11-23 07:38 (Monday)
by ykhben
Hi Kreuzbube,

I know right? Still in a dilemma and I still haven't even create the character yet hahahha. But I like your input. It made sense that I want to be more 'tanky' and it seems that I can afford to cast longer since, if I am 'devo-ing', I will probably be at the back most of the time while partying.

I have heard that Pre-Renewal Devotion have a long cast time. I've never used a Devo Crus before so I wouldn't know.

I tried checking RMS and it says: "1.5 sec, + fixed cast time 1.5 sec (Renewal only)"

But how long would it be in OriginsRO actually?

Thanks in advance for ya'll input. Really appreciate it! (/lv) (/no1)



Re: Inquiry: Crusader: Devo/GC Build

PostPosted: 2015-11-23 17:07 (Monday)
by Kreuzbube
It's 3 seconds cast time on oRO,
as it is also stated on iRO Wiki Classic:

I suggest you to use iRO Wiki Classic instead of RMS, since it's information is more accurate related to oRO.

Re: Inquiry: Crusader: Devo/GC Build

PostPosted: 2015-11-24 08:20 (Tuesday)
by ykhben
That's good to know. Think I can compromise abit on Dex in that case. Thanks so much for ya input! Yea I should prolly use iRO Wiki frm now on for oRO :D