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Crusader leveling

PostPosted: 2020-05-03 20:04 (Sunday)
by Nekstar
Hello (/bo)

I'm currently crusader level 73/42 and until now mainly a solo farmer. I would like to be a future full tank Paladin.
Here on this server i'm a newbie but i'm an old school ragnarok online player :). What i mean by a newbie it's i play since ~2/3 weeks and i do not have a lot of money to stuff my character (around 350k atm)

I play ASPD/Bash/Holy Cross crusader, this is my buid
Now i will UP only STR

My last spot to XP are : Byalan 3(i bought a Zephyrus) and Amatsu dungeon lvl 1.

I need some advice about spots you would have farm at my level eventually about stuff too.
Thanks in advance
See you in game

Re: Crusader leveling

PostPosted: 2020-05-04 18:44 (Monday)
by AnyKey
Raise AGI,
use #party channel for
LFP> Mobber 73+

Mobbing in party gives you loot(money) and levels - but you need to buy Fish or other recovery items
73+ = nif,stala ~200k exp per min
80+ = stala,magma, abyss, bio2 till 95 lv =~200-300k/1
95+ = bio3 >1kk exp per minute

Learn vending , as an example 1 stem = 1k, you can kill 500+ mandragors per hour, which mean 0.5kk+ per hour

PS. for me it will take 2-3 hours to became 70 lv

Re: Crusader leveling

PostPosted: 2020-05-05 14:32 (Tuesday)
by Paternoster
maybe you should just buy a hell fire and lvl at sleeper.( If you manage to reach 40+ def and you have provoke at 10)

Currently, your gears and items probably dont let you lvl up properly without consuming items too much. thats why you should simply stick to some areas like toy factory. to be able lvling at higher mobs, you would need more dex.

Zephyrus+ Byalan should be a pretty good spot for you right now too, which can give you about 300k zeny/hour at your current lvl.

what's the main reason you went for holy cross over lets say, heal lvl 4-10?