Way of the Spear, by Spearman

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Way of the Spear, by Spearman

Postby noertj » 2019-06-29 09:39 (Saturday)

HI all, the server was down and I didn't know what to do. So, why not making my own guide? :)
*This is my first guide ever, I may need to update it

First of all, this guide is for people who see a spear is the only way for Knights and this is based on my own experience, some may disagree with me. I have tried two different skill builds (both are SVD, Strength Vit Dex) which are Brandish Spear and Bowling Bash. For me, both have its own benefit and none are the best.

Skill Build
Brandish Spear (BS) has lower SP need and wider area but lower damage than Bowling Bash (BB).

Brandish Spear
BS build has more spear related skill choices. Pierce and Spear Stab are useful for farming (both use less than 10 SP recovery - Earth Deleter card user).
- max Brandish Spear
- max all skill related to Spear (I end up with all max and lvl 8 Spear Stab)

Bowling Bash
If you want to kill many mobs fast and SP is not a problem, you should get BB. You will have more 1 hit mob choices with BB.
- max Bowling Bash
- max Spear Mastery
- max Spear Boomerang

Leveling - Farming - Killing a Mob or Mobs
Here is the list of monsters you can choose to hunt. I separate it into categories. You can use Navigate feature (alt+v, Navigation) to find where they are and the route, and @mi to know what they drop and more details.

When you are weak and only have a spear in your hand, this is the right choice.
- Muka
- Wolf/Wolves

Relax Way
Hunt a monster and reading a novel/manga at the same time? Yes! You need to count 4 cells before you hit the monster. Choose your monster wisely: There are other aggressive monsters in hunting Greatest General, while Geographer can help each other (find the lonely Geographer)
- Greatest General
- Geographer

Farming Simulator
Spear Stab the small monster/s, Pierce the medium or large monster, BS or BB the monsters.
- Byaland 2F (Vadon, Hydra, Plankton, Thara Frog)
- Caramel
- Orcs
- Goblins
- Sphinx (Matyrs, Zeroms, Drainilars)
- Byaland 4F (Marcs, Swordfishes)
- Skeleton Workers
- Carat/Carats, Alice

Equipment and Guidance
What to equip depending on your (zeny) situation.

Starting from 0 zeny is fun! You should do all the quest in the novice training ground. Here is the steps:
1. Do the novice quests
Learn the thief skill (double attack) and kill monsters at faster rate
- 500 Potions from the Trainer and Swordsman quest
- 7 Phracons from the Merchant quest
- Fly wings from the Thief quest
- Butterfly wings from the Mage quest
2. Swordsman (Spearman?)
Buy a pike/spear and refine it using the 7 Phracons
- Spear/Pike+7
Hunt Mukas, get a better weapon and earn zeny through selling empty bottles and cactus needles
- Guisarme(2) +6
Hunt Wolves, get a mantle and earn zeny from Strawberries
- Mantle(1)
3. You are no longer poor, go to Average

You have a decent amount of zeny? Spend it!
NPC things:
- Helm+4
- Full plate+4
- Shield+4
- Boots+4
- Manteau+4
Player store:
- Padded Armor(1)+4 and Armor Charm
- VVS Elemental Pikes+7
- VVS Elemental Lances+5

When your pocket is no longer able to hold your zeny, refine your equipment as higher as (your pocket) possible! collect them all! You will need many different kind of equipment depending on what monster(or player?) you hunt. *note: +11 means +5 - +10
- Helm(1)+11
- Fullplate(1)+11
- Padded Armor(1)+11
- Silk Robe(1)+11
- Shield(1)+11
- Boots(1)+11
- Grieves(1)+11
- Manteau(1)+11
- Fin Helm
- Angel Wing Ear
- Zealotus Mask
- Pike(4)+11
- Trident(3)+11
- All damage+ related cards (e.g.: vadon,skelworker,hydra,ants,goblin) for your spears
- All damage- related cards (e.g.: orcbigfoot,tharafrog) for your shields
- Spend zeny to earn more zeny (myst case, mimic cards)
- More strength (e.g.: mantis, cramp, tarou, firelock)
- More anti or defense or health (e.g.: matyr, marc, evil druid, peco peco, raydric, pasana)

That is it for now, i hope it is useful or at least you enjoy reading it. Thank you and good luck! :)

My character name:

Looking for weapons or armory or cards? Take a look at our humble shop in Morroc, just below a palm tree. The Spearman's shops!
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Re: Way of the Spear, by Spearman

Postby argalu » 2019-12-26 15:51 (Thursday)

What about stats distributions ? i'm not confident enought to make my own choices yet in this game
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