Swordman-> Knight - Guide

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Swordman-> Knight - Guide

Postby Paternoster » 2020-04-21 11:43 (Tuesday)

Starting Stats NOVICE: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 9 DEX

While lvling at the Novice Ground make sure to use @autoloot. Kill any Drops and Poring that comes across your way. Empty Bottle are your main income source for now. Type @whobuys Empty Bottle, or @whobuys 713
If you drop Cards, you can sell those to players using the #trade channel.

Stat Progression until you reach job lvl 10 : 10 DEX -> 10 STR -> 10 VIT -> 9 AGI -> 15 DEX

Take the final test in the Novice Grounds and choose the Swordman profession. https://wiki.originsro.org/wiki/Swordman

The NPC will reward you with some items. Make sure to keep those 7 Phracon it gave to you!

After you made it to swordman, go search for one of the players who are in autotrade mode and sell your empty bottles! Sell the rest of your loots + items to some tool dealer NPC ( Falchion, Novice Equip, etc) Just keep the Kafra tickets, fly wings, butterfly wings and potions!

Right now, counting the items from the npcs + your loot, you should have like 6000 Zeny~

Your first weapon will be a +7 Blade. Head to one of the weapon dealers and buy it. Prontera or Izlude, both sell it.

After you purchased your Blade, make sure to refine it to +7, this can be done at the upgrade NPC at Prontera, or Payon Town!
Also, buy a Concentration Potion with your remaining money! If you have some Zeny left, you might as well purchase some fly wings, those will help you to find Spores more easy.

Now that you got your +7 Blade kill Spore. It is located at: pay_fild01, https://cp.originsro.org/map/view/?id=pay_fild01

Use the Concentration Potion to increase your attackspeed.
Make sure to use your Novice Potions when your health bar drops low!

Stat Progression until Base lvl 24: 20 VIT -> 20 DEX -> 20 STR -> 9 AGI

Skill Progression: Bash lvl 5 -> Magnum Break lvl 10

Once you reach lvl 24 go back to town and check if some people want to buy your items using @whobuys (Strawberry, Mushroom Spore, Poison Spore, Blue Herb) you might as well use the Origins Ro Control Panel and search for people who buy items there.

Sell the remaining items to the NPC.

Your next Mob to fight is Muka! https://cp.originsro.org/monster/view/?id=1055

It can be found at: moc_fild18 https://cp.originsro.org/map/view/?id=moc_fild18

Alright! Now its time to Lvl Up while gearing your swordman to be a smooth Midgard exploring Knight after you change your job!

You made it to the Muka Map, start of by fighting Muka 1 by 1. From time to time use magnum break, to speed up killing.

This is the EXP you get while lvling at the Muka Map and farming your first gears there.

Total Base EXP 1.556.000
Total Job EXP: 684.000

which resulsts in Base Lvl 56~/Job Lvl 40~

Stat Progression untill Base lvl 34: 30 INT -> 20 VIT -> 20 DEX -> 20 STR -> 9 AGI

Skill Progression: Increase HP Recovery 10

Now start gathering some Muka and use Magnum Break to kill them all at once.

The Sp Regeneration rate should be at 7 by now, you recover 7 SP every 6 seconds while gathering Muka, or 7 SP every 3 seconds while sitting.

Purchase those items first

Mr.Smile Mask ( Can be created at the Smile Assistance Npc in several towns, Prontera)
+5 Broad Sword - NPC - 110 Muka on average (Refine to +5 using the Oridecon)
5x Oridecon - Player - 40 Muka on average

+4 Padded Armor - NPC - 76 Muka on average
+4 Manteau - NPC - 51 Muka on average
+4 Boots - NPC - 29 Muka on average
+4 Helm - NPC - 70 Muka on average
16x Elunium - Player - 330 Muka on average ( Use those to refine all of your armor to +4)

Purchase those items after you finished the set above

Armor Charm ( Combo with Padded Armor) - Player - 310 Muka on average
Matyrs Leash (or any cheap def increasing accesory) - Player - 180 Muka on average

The amount of zeny you need should be between 550k -600k zeny.

To get to this amount of zeny, you should create a merchant with overcharge and discount 10 (+/- 24% NPC Item prices for buying and selling), or kindly ask other players to buy items from the weaponn/armor dealer or sell loot for you.

The Items to focus on at Muka are, Empty Bottle(Sell to Player), Cactus Needle(sell to Player), Guisarme(sell to NPC) and Green Live(sell to NPC/Player).

Also watch out for the Dragon Fly, it is a weak mob which can reward your with a Clip[1], that is sold to players for like 400-500k.

Stat Progression until Base lvl 56: 40 Str -> 40 DEX -> 30 AGI -> 30 INT -> 20 VIT

Stat Progression until Base lvl 70: 50 STR -> 30 VIT -> 59 DEX -> 30 AGI -> 30 INT

Stat Progression until Base lvl 90: 64 DEX -> 82 STR -> 45 VIT -> 30 AGI -> 30 INT

The must have skills for your swordman/knight: http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill4/knt.html?10GXHOrKbxdocK

As you can see, the swordman and knight both use 43 skill points. You could change your job from swordman -> knight imediatly after you reach job lvl 40 and use the remaining knight skill points to get the swordman preskills, or continue to grind with magnum break until job lvl 43 for example at: Hode or Sandman. Basically any Map that allows you to take advantage of Magnum Break.
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Re: Swordman-> Knight - Guide

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Hello there, I'm a newb. Do you still play?
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