Important note regarding Master Accounts

Important note regarding Master Accounts

Postby Mathy » January 22nd, 2017, 4:55 pm

Good day, humans of OriginsRO.

As you may well know (, owning more than one master account, or giving yours out to friends, is not only discouraged, but a violation of the ToS. A Guest Account system was not only put in place, but expanded recently to accommodate people who wish to share characters. It's available via the CP (which has recently been revamped: I suggest you go check it out!).

Now, let's get to business. We recently had a Christmas event, the first we ever did where the goal was global, and the final set of rewards was intended to be 1 per person. Those who partook in the event know this very well, since they had to agree to a red text during the NPC dialogue in which they confirmed that they only owned 1 master account. This doesn't mean that our efforts stopped there, since after the event, we went looking for possible cheaters who might have exploited this, and found at least one person who used a borrowed/inherited MA to collect the final rewards twice. This made us profoundly sad, but still, we revoked the rewards, applied a temporary suspension that that account, and gave the owner of the account this person used a final warning to never share their MA again. Fortunately, the user who attempted to cheat took this very well, confessed as soon as confronted, and will continue to play with us, this time with more care to not disregard any server rules.

Punishment, depending on severity, can go up to permanent ban and account termination. So please, do not share your master accounts, use Guest Accounts instead. If you happen to own more than one MA, please report it to us immediately, so we can review your situation, and hopefully help you by merging it to your official one. If you have any requests for the Guest Account system, don't be afraid to suggest them. We have a long list of updates planned for it, so yours may be included.
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