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[Multi client problem] Randomly one closes

PostPosted: 2020-01-30 01:34 (Thursday)
by lemosbr
I have a problem that when logging in a new client, randomly, an old can close.

I have always had that problem since I came back playing (~october), however it's way worse lately (I'd say after problems with host, not sure).

Yes, I read the General Troubleshooting Instructions: tried DEP, file permission, NVIDIA overlay. I'm also Brazilian and do not have the warsaw plugin.

I can open fine around ~4 clients, after that some might randomly close.

Something strange I noticed is that all my clients freeze the moment I open a new one and the server login takes quite a while to connect, after that is when the bug happens: some clients come back to normal and some close.

Since this is quite a strange bug, I recorded a video to exemplify. There I walk with all my clients before a new open and then try to walk with them again after it opens (which does not work until I connect to the host or whatever it is).

Could not upload to the forum, so here is the link on youtube:

Re: [Multi client problem] Randomly one closes

PostPosted: 2020-02-05 01:13 (Wednesday)
by GM Ischia
Hello lemos,

thanks for the video.

I wonder, can you show me your launcher settings ( Do you maybe have "Reduce CPU usage when in background" enabled?

What is your "Performance Window" from Windows saying. Are you maybe running out of RAM or is your CPU struggling by any chance?

Re: [Multi client problem] Randomly one closes

PostPosted: 2020-02-06 19:43 (Thursday)
by lemosbr

I usually have this option on, however I tested mixing all options and the same thing happened, switching on and off mouse freedom, reduce cpu usage, normal effects, reduced visual effects, reduced sounds and visual effects.

I also doubt my computer would struggle with ragnarok, no matter how many clients I'd have open.

Here is the both pictures you asked:
Also, my graphic card is geforce gtx 1060

Edit: Someone suggested a vpn, tried it and solve my issue. I'd prefer playing without one, but I don't mind.
However, not all servers from vpn works on the patcher. A few of them the patcher can't retrieve information from server, not sure why, so I just reconnect to another server from vpn
This should be a good lead for you. :)

Re: [Multi client problem] Randomly one closes

PostPosted: 2020-02-09 09:17 (Sunday)
by GM Ischia
Just a small update on this issue.

so far he figured out, that connecting through a VPN solves this issue for him for some reason (maybe his connection has limits or is struggling).

Typing the following commands into the console also sped up his connection attempts to the server, but did not fully solve the issue yet.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset
netsh interface ipv4 reset
netsh interface ipv6 reset
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log"

So far no real solution has been found, just a workaround