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OriginsRO Fashion Contest!

PostPosted: 2019-11-09 11:44 (Saturday)
by neethree

Trans has finally dropped, and with it comes a host of stylish new sprites and some hot new hats to boot! What better way to flex your fashion than with a good old-fashioned Fashion Contest?

Post a screenshot of your hottest threads either in the forum thread, directly via DM to nee#5519, or in the #events channel of the OriginsRO Discord.

There will be two winners - one will be judged by myself, and one will be judged by community vote. Entries will be judged primarily on your character's aesthetics - environment and creativity will also be considered - so go pick a good screenshot location!

The event will run for 2 weeks. One all submissions are recieved there will be a 2-day voting period. Guidance on community voting will be provided after submissions are recieved.

Submission Deadline: Saturday 23 November 12:00 UTC

Submissions must be as follows:
- One entry per player
- Must be your own screenshot
- Screenshot must be taken on OriginsRO

Both winners will recieve one Pet Egg of their choice! This includes Hocus pets, but food will not be provided - choose at your own peril! See for a list of obtainable pets.

your friendly Goblin Priest.

DISCLAIMER: This is a player-hosted event. I am not part of the GM team nor is this officially endorsed.

Re: OriginsRO Fashion Contest!

PostPosted: 2019-11-09 15:16 (Saturday)
by Mathy
neethree wrote:Submission Deadline: Saturday 23 October 12:00 UTC

So I have until next year? xD

Re: OriginsRO Fashion Contest!

PostPosted: 2019-11-09 15:43 (Saturday)
by Mathy
This is my Hunter, the smexiest in the business. A fair man of elven descent, although some people call him out on the fact that the most conspicuous item of his wardrobe might have been inspired by a traveling Maia. His companion, Gun.Smoke, also really insisted that he wanted to appear alongside his masterblood brother. The photographer was no doubt lucky to catch a bird of prey soaring through the sky directly above our main man, no doubt admiring a fellow nimrod.


Re: OriginsRO Fashion Contest!

PostPosted: 2019-11-25 14:01 (Monday)
by neethree
The event is finally over, and the winners have been decided!

There were an overwhelming amount of entries. My thanks to everyone that participated, it has been incredibly fun to judge!

Below are all the entries, and my thoughts on them. Images have been cropped for presentation - make sure to click the thumbnail to view the full-sized image!

Winners will be revealed at the bottom... Good luck!

1. Akiyammio
This one really caught my eye. The contrast of the white robes and dark skin is fantastic, and it's one of the few white palettes that look really really good. Less is more in this case, such a strong and simple look. The white really brings out the skin, which is such a nice warm brown and is complimented perfectly by the gold accents. The angel ears and the spiky band fit the palette perfectly without being intrusive in the slightest and really tie together the look. The fog in the fullsize screenshot is really atmospheric, but it's nice to be able to see your priest in all her glory. Such a regal, holy look - you'd look right at home in Rachel Sanctuary!

2. Anemon
A really nice location here that makes your character stand out while still fitting the environment, both as the Assassin's guild and for the reddish brown colours that fit your character so well. The perfect image of a loner assassin staring off into the void. It's a shame we couldn't see the kitsune mask!

3. Apoc
This one is just awesome, another eye-catcher for sure. The green of your clothes matches your minstrel hat perfectly, and something about that shade of green with the warm brown of the skin just works so well together. The elven ears look great now that they're skin-matched! A 99 baby is unique enough in its own right but I love the way you have stood next to the child NPCs to really bring it home. I really get that mischevious forest urchin vibe. Another one of my favourites!

4. Chiia
One of the prettiest screenshots we've had by far! Bathed in rays of light that make you glow, this is such a beautiful entry. A simple style that is so effective - pure white, neutral colours, and the tiniest little splash of colour with the floral hairband. Even without the light your character would seem so elegant and angelic - you've clearly put a lot of thought into achieving that sort of feeling. You have managed to pick a really nice looking white palette that doesn't look too jarring like many of the others do. Fantastic entry.

5. dona-chan
Really making the most of the environment here! The PHD hat and the glasses give that classic teacher look, just a glance at the character and you can tell what kind of personality she has! I love the use of first-jobs to make it seem like she's teaching younger students, really emphasises that mature vibe. My only criticism is that the colours are a bit too busy - between the red hair, brown hat, green robes and black tights there's a lot going on.

6. Gabriela
Willing or not, your boyfriend makes a great fashion accessory! Your matching colours are super cute. I really like the monochrome palette with just the little hint of green, which the Petite really works with. Unfortunately as is the issue with many white palettes, there isn't a defined outline, making the white parts look somewhat jarring in the world of RO. Overall great look, just slightly brought down by the in-game palette issues :(

7. GrampasAmazingPace
The (in)famous Grampa! And what a cute swordie this is. Isn't it great that in a game with no obvious age to the characters, you can have characters like Dona's priest as a seemingly older woman, and this as a cute little kid, with just a few different headgears and hairstyles? You've really used all the tools at your disposal to absolutely nail that "Cute kid" look. The blush, toast and pigtails, and of course the baby class. Swordsman is one of the most iconic RO sprites, in that way I like that you just have the default palette, a really nice warm feeling of nostalgia, complimented perfectly by that cherry tree. Great entry!

8. Iggie Booo
What a lovely, graceful look. The flower crown, flower in mouth and the flowery cart all work perfectly, and you found the perfect setting for it too. It would have been even cooler if you had a green lif! Unfortunately as with Gabriela I feel the downfall is the white (and in the case, black) colours of your palette - for what is otherwise a nice, muted look, the black and white really stands out as not fitting with the rest of RO's sprites, and all that lovely detail in your Alchemist's outfit has been lost.

More floral alchemists! This is a really nice location that the crop doesn't do justice (make sure to click to expand!). I don't know about anyone else but the sunflower hat is one of those headgears I normally throw on the floor - but here, you've made it work, and work well! Golds and greens and a nice muted palette gives you that carefree look and the environment is a perfect fit for you and your Filir. Lovely!

10. Luthiel
Wow. So much care put into this one and another one that needs the full image for justice. Stunning environment, and your eye is immediately drawn to the Sniper despite having a whole host of other characters and scenery to compete with. A very hard balance to get right but you nailed it. What a gorgeous palette - soft reds, oranges, golds, perfect analogous colours, no one distracting too much from the other with just the perfect little accent of the red/orange against the muted yellows. And framed by those red and yellow flowers your sniper is truly the center of the scene. The other characters aren't too invasive and don't draw your eye away from the sniper which is perfect. Really love this one!

11. Maelui Yumiko
What a peaceful, serene scene. Antique Cowboy starts playing in my mind just by looking at your character. The cowboy hat looks great on a hunter, and those sunglasses really give you that chill vibe. Nice plain colours that don't demand visual attention, perfect for a lone hunter kicking back with nothing but the open sky beneath them. Another simple but effective look.

12. Magi Luna
Another simple look, and I really like this one. So much more effective in the full screenshot - while other characters frame themselves to stand out against the environment, you blend in absolutely perfectly. The browns, blues and whites match the environment perfectly and give you that Schwarzwald look that is so prevalent in Juno and Einbroch. A really underrated entry that is low-key and pleasing on the eyes.

13. Mash
A complete u-turn from Magi's entry with this one. I hear the poor bard suffers from colourblindness and becomes quite indignant if anybody is to question his ensemble. So perhaps it's best not to say anything...

14. Mathy
Another lone hunter, and what a nice screenshot this is. Alone in the forest with nature as their only companion. Your character definitely gives off that classic forest-dwelling elven archer look so the setting is perfect for that. A really gorgeous deep green on your palette, too, blending in with the forest as the pale browns of your pets blend in with the cliffs. But one thing I just can't get over is that the green of your outfit is a slightly different green to the minstrel hat! So close but yet so far!

15. Mindly
The community favourite, and it's easy to see why. This is a really unique look - it's not easy to make that Frog Hat look fashionable but you've managed to nail it! The green accents on your Fin Helm, Peco and armour are just perfect to accompany the frog hat without being overbearingly green. And with what's left you have lovely warm browns and tans that are neutral enough to really make those little splashes of green stand out. Some custom palettes can look out of place with colours that aren't "natural" to RO, but this blends in absolutely perfectly. And the Toad is just the icing on the cake! While we can't have Roda Frogs as cute pets your creativity has given you the perfect accessory for your screenshot. Really well done!

16. Perq
Another underrated entry that I really like - you said people thought your Stalker looked cool, and I have to agree. You look completely badass! The Stalker outfit definitely gives that bancho vibe and you've rolled with that perfectly with the Boy's Cap, hanging out in an alley in a beat-up industrial town. All you need now is a baseball bat! Your palette is simple and effective - the browns of your coat match the Boy's Cap perfectly and the dusty blond of your hair with the fur of the coat. Fitting in with Ragnarok's colour theme is something that lends to a really strong character look and you've pulled it off perfectly. I think a Cigarette or Gangster Mask would work really well on you as well!

17. Tez
This is such a weird blend of cute and cool that my brain can't settle on one - but it's a great look! Keeping your colours simple with black and gold is something I really like, and it's a really effective result. The purple of the environment looks awesome and adds that splash of colour to your screenshot. As I've said with some others, I feel the letdown here is your black palette doesn't match RO's black - as you can see, the "black" of the Galapago hat and the Evil Wing Ears are more like a dark-brown, which makes the black look "off". I think a pair of Sunglasses instead of the Evil Wing Ears would look awesome to match the ones your Galapago hat has!

18. Ticklewhisker
Such an unconventional looking character, and I absolutely love it. A real post-apocalyptic look like something right out of Fallout. You're one of the few people that can pull black palettes off, and I think it's helped by the fact it's more of a dark grey with strong outlines which is something that is lacking in most black palettes. The brown accents are fantastic and matches your hair perfectly giving just a splash of colour that keeps with that wasteland look. I like that you're building your look around that hairstyle and have no upper headgear to keep that mohawk on display. And the mustache is just glorious!

19. wurstbr0t
More 99 first-jobs! A really creative entry, but for the sake of fairness I'll be focusing primarily on the character rather than the background. I really like this colour scheme, it reminds me of candy and bubblegum. The Poring Hat and Poring pet is super cute and I can't think of a better class to rock that look other than a merchant with that big pink pouch. Nice touch on the romantic flower to use the same pink/green colours. too! A flower cart would really tie it in with those some green/pink colours, I think! Incidentally I'm not sure if your character has been superimposed or you have stood in the same spot in every screenshot and combined them - if it's the latter, then wow!

The results are in...!

It was a very hard decision to make - I was tied on 3 pieces as my favourite. But going to my gut I went with the one that just caught my eye and made me think "Wow, that looks awesome." Therefore I am pleased to announce that my winner, for their stunning white and gold priest, is...

And the winner of the community vote, with a well-deserved 28 votes, is...

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you everyone for entering!
Winners, please get in touch with me by Discord at Nee#5519 to claim your prize!

Re: OriginsRO Fashion Contest!

PostPosted: 2019-11-26 06:55 (Tuesday)
by GM Ischia
Thank you for hosting this event!

Next time i will participate too! >:)

Re: OriginsRO Fashion Contest!

PostPosted: 2019-12-02 21:39 (Monday)
by akiyammio
Thank you very much! I'm so happy right now! :D