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Homunculus quality

PostPosted: 2019-12-04 19:36 (Wednesday)
by Seva

I have Vanil homunculus lvl 39 with this stats. Shoul I delete this homun or not?

Re: Homunculus quality

PostPosted: 2019-12-04 21:36 (Wednesday)
by Bertrandite
The stats aren't great, but not terrible either. Below average in general isn't very far under average. You have Poor STR, but Good int, so I would personally keep that homu, because I value INT higher than STR in my homs.

Since your homun is only level 39, I would suggest waiting until level 55-60 to decide whether you should remake. If STR, DEX, and INT go up to average or above average in that time, evolving it should push it into the higher percentiles. Between the levels of 1-60, there's too much variance and one stat point could mean the difference between poor and excellent, so letting it play out and waiting to see if the stat growth gets better is always a good option.

In addition, even if you remake the homunculus there's no guarantee that it will end up being a better homunculus by 99. A homunculus might start out rough and end in the highest percentile, or it might start out amazing and end poorly. The stat contribution is random, so just keep trying until you get one you're satisfied with.

Also, with vanilmirths, even sub-par vanilmirths are still quite useful for regular farming, so do keep that in mind and consider the kind of time investment you want to put in.