Beginner-friendly job tier list

Beginner-friendly job tier list

Postby jaidz » 2019-02-06 19:40 (Wednesday)

I made this "simple" tier list for beginner-friendly jobs. Consider tiers are ranked on how easily they can hit 99 without much gear/pots and how easy is for them to solo/party lvl. The list of jobs inside the tiers are not ordered. This tier list is PVM-oriented. I have not 99'd every job on this list so please feel free to add useful information so I can tier them better.

EZ Tier

DEX/AGI Hunter
Can solo level by auto-attacking or DS spam (may require SP pots or INT invest). Easy access to most elements. Sometimes required in parties for auto-blitz. Don't really need HP pots, Pantie+Under+Hunter Bow is good to go.

DEX/INT/AGI Bard/Dancer
Similar to hunter but with a larger SP pool for DS spam. Always required in parties.

Able to solo level and mob easily with firewall. Easy access to various elements. Can get safety wall. Can easily freeze most mobs. Always required in parties. Do not need pots or equipment.

Mid Tier

Will hit 99 while farming equipment and cards for the rest of your characters + extra resources from Gank. Minimal investment (elemental daggers). Relies on flee so it won't need as much HP pots as other jobs. Rarely used in parties, only for mobbing (on which other jobs are prefered).

STR/AGI/DEX Assassin
Very similar to rogue. May use dual dagger build to increase DPS but requires more investment. May also use CRIT build for specific high def mobs but also requires investment.

Mostly used as buffs slave may get to 99 through dual clienting. Always used in parties. Uses heal and high int so does not need HP/SP pots at all. Biggest drawback: very hard (if not impossible) to solo lvl.

Very similar to wizards, except that they will have to stick to firewall+thunderstorm at seals to level all the way up to 99 so you will have to be very patient. May be used in parties to thunderstorm over mobs. Don't really need equips.

Not-so-beginner-friendly tier

Probably the easiest class to hit 99 via solo lvl but requires heavy investment on equips: Earth Deleter Card, High Orc Pike, Racial Cards, High DEF gear. Prefered (and required) in parties as mobber over most jobs. Highest HP pool in the game, thus need many HP pots. Without Earth Deleter card you will need plenty SP pots.

GC Crusader
Easy to hit 99 with patience and many SP pots. Devotion required for high-risk parties, also can mob easily. May pick up valuable items such as raydric cards while getting to max level. Requires decent equipment like Sohee, Thara frog, Raydric. Can use heal to reduce HP pot usage.

Investigate/Steel Body Monk
For solo leveling monks need equipments like Chains and many racial cards that if you don't have, you will be mostly sticking to parties by using steel body. Required in high-level parties.

Mammonite Blacksmith
Build to 1HKO High Orcs with Mammonite + their buff skills these classes can get to 99 faster than many others. Only used in parties as mobbers. Will need pots to heal.

Mammonite Alchemist
Can also 1HKO High Orcs but require a larger investment than Blacksmiths. Only used in parties as mobbers. Requires less pots due to potion pitcher.

Extra(?) Tier

INT/DEX Super Novice Requires leeching to lvl 45 to change job. Fast cast, high MATK. May thunderstorm at parties. EXTREMELY low HP/SP pool, even for a pure INT SN, requires SP pots to sustain. The gears they require are easy to get.

I don't have enough information on these jobs to add them to a tier.
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Re: Beginner-friendly job tier list

Postby Mathy » 2019-02-06 21:31 (Wednesday)

Ninja and Gunslinger are expensive. Not to gear up, but the ammo they consume is. Magic Ninja (with Fire skills) is probably the best. Gunslinger is only really good if dex/vit/int build, and their skills eat up a lot of SP, so you might want to consider starting out with a Dex/Agi one, at which point you might as well just make a Hunter.

TK is only good if you are ranked.
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Re: Beginner-friendly job tier list

Postby Kruiper » 2019-02-07 18:24 (Thursday)

Hi all;

I would put in the mid tier the Battle Priest. Very easy to use and for beginners u only need pantie+undershirt+npc stunner for do dmg. You can buy later santa poring cards (100k in the market i think) to gear and go for another places.

Very easy to use for soloing, heal yourself, high flee and decent dmg to undead and demon monsters. You can even be rich killing and farming some undead/demon monster (like bathorys or geffen dungeon). If you go solo your sp is near to infinite so you can stay in the place for very long time. If you can, make a blacksmith slave to get adrenaline rush (and over trust) to get more than 180 aspd easily. Your blacksmith can be battle or if you prefer, your blacksmith can be a forger so you can lvl up a very annoying character at the same time.
And the builds for battle priest are very simple, so it can be done for beginners. Of course, hunters and rogues can be more easy but if you dont want to start with these characters, battle priest is a good idea.

Hope that help a little.

PS: Sorry my grammar, still im trying to learn more english ><
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