Grinding for dummies.

Grinding for dummies.

Postby jaidz » 2017-05-16 15:09 (Tuesday)

Hello, recently I have posted a small guide on grinding for another player looking for "the best job for farming", I got a little inspired and decided to create the "basics of farming" which I will copy and paste from the original response:

Depends on what you want to farm, any class is good for farming as long as they follow the grinding basics:

1. Sustainability - Means SP use and its relation to SP pool and SP regen. If you're using more SP than the SP you regenerate, you're not being sustainable at all, and will run out of SP eventually in 10, 20, 30min depending on your SP pool and SP usage. High sustainability jobs: Wizard, Hunter, Rogue (since doesn't use SP at all), and any other with "get SP for killing X race" cards.

2. Weight - Total weight capacity. Again this becomes important depending on what you're farming. If you're looking, lets say for Elven Ears, while you farm those you will be getting also Cap [1] which, in case you want to keep, you will have to use a character with nice weight capacity (sin, rogue, because of strenght) so you don't have to back everytime and store those Caps [1]. In case you don't want to keep the Caps [1]  or in case you're farming something else, lets say, Smokie Card, you can use a job with no str at all (wiz, hunter) since smokies do not drop important heavy stuff you want to keep. High total weight capacity jobs: Blacksmith, Alchemist, Assassin, Rogue (jobs that normally use STR on their builds).

3. Average time spent per kill - The time you take killing a certain monster. It really makes a difference in time when you can kill a monster in 1 DS with a hunter, than when it takes you 3 sec of auto-attacking to kill that same monster with a rogue. Jobs who can lure and kill large groups of monsters are the ones who take less time killing, nevertheless, not every monster can be lured into a group. Low average time spent per kill jobs "mobbers": Wizard, Assassin, Knight, Crusader.

4. Need and availability of supports - Most jobs will be much more efficient when buffed, some might need only bless & agi, others needing also magnificat, and melee farmers will maybe need flame launcher, lighting loader etc... If you are able to have a slave priest with you, it will probable make your grind more effective, with the perk that is not recommended to take slave priest to "dangerous" places. There are other jobs with very high sustainability who do not really need a support at all. Low need of support jobs: Wizard, Rogue.

If you read and understand this 4 basic "rules" of grinding and try to get a balance of all of them, you will eventually find the best job and build for that job to grind whatever you're looking for.

Good luck.

I would love this to be a meaningful guide for everyone who looks for help when farming, thats why I'm re-posting this small "guide". Also, I want some feedback from you guys in order to strengthen these rules. Feel free to comment and suggest/add some changes.
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