Skin Clinic Quest (Skin Color Change)

Skin Clinic Quest (Skin Color Change)

Postby Gobber » 2016-08-13 04:54 (Saturday)

Eddie (Morroc 140, 155) says to find Marie.

Maries (Alberta 67, 126) says to bring package to Eddie so he can give it to Louie.

Eddie doesn't want to help Marie with her package.

Marie says to bribe Eddie into delivering the package.

After bribing Eddie he says to leave him alone as he's waiting for someone shy to show up.

Going back to Marie, she's satisfied. She doesn't want to talk in public and says to meet up in an Izlude storehouse.

Marie left a message inside the izlude arms store (55,113). She had to leave and says to find Louie somewhere in Morroc.

Louie, in the house at (Morroc 55,259), says to bring:

    *1 Sleep Arrow
    *1 Illusion Flower
    *3 Fine Grit
    *30 Star Dust
    *30 Stucky Mucus

After bringing the Items, Louie says to find the pirate Syd.

Syd, (gef_fild01 208,245), says to find his booty northeast of Prontera, "in-between two trees while looking at the sea".

The buried note, (prt_fild03 339, 148), says you can find the treasure south of Payon. "Remember, we aint landlubbers."

You find a note at (pay_fild03 155,179). It says the cunt buried the treasure on the border between Morroc and Payon.

Oh look, (pay_fild04 214, 112), it's not here either and Syd's a giant buttpirate. Look somewhere next to Geffen.

You find a tiny treasure chest, (gef_fild00 218, 120), and decide to bring it to Syd.

Syd is a cunt, go see Louie.

Louie says to find Ricci somewhere in Morroc.

Suspicious cunt at (Morroc 155,184) asks wants you to find Tony who's probably drinking.

Tony in the Geffen pub tells you to go back to Ricci.

Ricci makes you take a test (Jon Snow roleplay) and tells you to go back to Tony.

Tony says one of Syd's men know the location of a lab. Go see Nigel on the Alberta docks after giving Tony items:

    * 5 Wooden Gnarl
    * 1 Slick Paper
    * 1 Squid Ink
    * 10 Resin
The password is: Goblet of rum.

Nigel, (Alberta 179, 102), asks if you want to leave for the secret lab.

In the cave, the secret lab is located bottom right (if I remember correctly).

1 000.000z to change skin color.
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Re: Skin Clinic Quest (Skin Color Change)

Postby Shogun » 2016-08-13 06:13 (Saturday)

Thx for the steps !
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Re: Skin Clinic Quest (Skin Color Change)

Postby neethree » 2018-07-09 12:04 (Monday)

Sorry to bump an old thread but is this per character or will it change the whole account?
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Re: Skin Clinic Quest (Skin Color Change)

Postby Mathy » 2018-07-09 15:25 (Monday)

Per character.
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