Gank Rogue (Updated April 13, 2018

Gank Rogue (Updated April 13, 2018

Postby Sheathz » April 13th, 2018, 7:16 am

Gank Rogue Guide.

This Guide is dedicated to give you an insight to the Gank Rogue! (Autosteal Rogue/Farmer Rogue)
The build is based on Dagger + Shield type Rogue.

Be sure to make yourself an Endow Sage, and a Priest to buff you. You can do stuff without them but these two widen your level spots by a large portion! It's also advised to make a Merchant with level 10 Overcharge and level 10 Discount to profit even more from all the loot you'll be collecting!

Jobchange ~ 25:

Get some Concentration Potions and go to Culvert02. Be sure not to hit the small ThiefBugs when there are too many around! They will assists their comrades. When you feel like you are strong enough to handle Tarou, be sure to eliminate them too. Just kill everything in this level, and most of the loot should be sold to NPC here.

Spores. (Thanks Olefin/Bolt/Cosaint/Rafael)

Spores can be found at 2 Maps South, 1 Map East of Payon. They have juicy JobEXP so you will be gaining Joblevels in no time! Save the Strawberries, Mushroom Spore, Spore Doll, Spore Doll and Blue Herb.

For skills, level Double Attack to level 10 first, and then level 10 Improved Dodge.
25~40 or 50:

Einbroch FIeld04 and 06.

If you have 116 Flee you could alternatively go to one of these 2 Maps and kill Metaling. The drops are good, and should net you a nice income! Just NPC everything you get. I personally go to Metalings but they do hit for a punch. Be cautious.

Einbroch Field09. (Thanks Olefin/Bolt/Cosaint/Rafael)

1 Map South, 1 Map East of Einbroch, or 1 Map South from Einbech, is the home of Porcellio.  These babies need 157 Flee to dodge 95%, and they drop a card that every Melee DPS will drool over. They're Insect/Earth3/Small, so Fire Elemental Daggers or Fire Endow will work wonders here! Save the Main Gauche[4] and the Porcellio Card!

Payon Field 02.

Buy yoursel Meat (bought in Izlude and Prontera at the Butcher)  a Stiletto (Or a Fire Elemental Dagger) and go to Payon Field02, where Wolves are. From Payon, go 2 Maps south. Be sure to save up on zeny here to buy a Pantie and Undershirt for the combo.
If you can get yourself a Fire Endow that would be perfect! Save the Mantle[2], Strawberries, Emveretaron, the Meat and the Monster Feed.
Just like ThiefBugs, Wolves will assist! So be cautious at the earlier levels. Wolves require 132 Flee to dodge 95%, so be sure to keep pumping that AGI!

Geffen Field11 or Prontera Field10.

1 Map South of Orc Dungeon (Gef_fild11) or 1 Map South and 1 Map East of Orc Dungeon (Prt_fild10) is heaven. Goblins are what you will aim for, and the main reason for this is Goblin Card. You will need atleast 1 of these cards when you're a higher level so might aswell level and hunt at the same time! These little critters require 134 Flee to dodge 95%, but there is usually a lot of them grouped together so you might want to get either a lot of Meat, or get some Meat and more flee before hitting these! Be sure to save on the all the Iron, Green Live, Rough Oridecon and headgear you find here, they will come in handy!

Continue on the Maps listed above (Payon Field02,  if you cannot find a party,
Or, when you have more than 155 Flee you could go to;

Ayothaya Field02/Ayothaya Dungeon01.

LeafCats give great JobEXP. They hit hard, and you need 173 Flee to dodge 95%. You also need to either get the Quest done to gain access to Ayothaya or ask for someone who already has a Warp for it. They are Earth1/Brute/Small, so a Fire Elemental  Dagger would work best here!

Toy Factory02.

Kill Cookies, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Goblins and Myst Cases. Stack up on Meat, you will need it. Flywing away from Cruisers at earlier levels, they require 200 Flee to dodge 95%. NPC the majority of the items, keep the cards, 2Carat Diamonds, Iron, Rough Wind, Rough Oridecon.  you may choose to sell the Pearl.

You can continue leveling here till as high as level 70-75. You will also be making your first 1,000,000z here if you stay here long enough.

Geffen Field08

2 Maps West from Geffen is the home of what I call them "Adult Goblins", Kobolds. The least amount of Flee requires for 95% dodge is 152, and the max amount is 194. A PVP Dagger would do wonders here, but a regular Damascus does the job too! Items of value here are Buckler[1], Guard[1],  Gladius[3], Rough Elunium, Steel, Red Blood and ofcourse Kobold Card. Start farming for Gladius[3] here, you will be using it in the near future! =======================================

Around these levels start hunting for your core gear. You'll want to get upgraded Muffler[1], Chain Mail[1]/Coat[1]/Mantle[1], Shoes[1]. Also you want to get them carded, but some of those cards will be hard to get at the current level.

First things first!

Payon Dungeon02 and 03.


Go to Payon Dungeon02 (third level of Payon Dungeon), and start killing Munaks! If you're lucky you will also find a Ninja Suit, but the main goal here is Shoes[1]. Personally I aim for +7 Shoes, but just go with whatever you find works. Keep the Girl's Diary[1], the Munak Card, Ninja Suit and Shoes[1]. Whenever you got your upgraded Shoes[1], we're moving on to the next monster.

Sohees! (Thanks Naught!)

These girls have 5.6k HP, and take a while to kill. They require 166 Flee to dodge 95% but Flee should not be the problem anymore on these levels. Sohees are Demon/Water1/Medium, so a Wind Elemental Dagger would be best here. Drainliar Carded Daggers with a Wind Endow would be the best damage so try aiming for it if you can (although it will cost you a dime!). Main objective here are Muffler[1]. Save the Authorative Badges, Skirt of Virgin, Stiletto[3] (To overupgrade), Nurse Cap and the Sohee Card, NPC sell the rest.

By now you should've gotten an overupgraded Stiletto[3] or better,  Gladius[3]. You also should have already gotten a Goblin Card, or maybe 2. The only thing you may not have is a Drainliar Card. Either hunt for it, or buy it. Get yourself a [2x Goblin, 1x Vadon] Gladius/Stiletto. Get yourself a Wind Endow go to;

       - Fur Seals (1 East, 2 South of Comodo.) Require 207 Flee to dodge 95%.
       - Sea Otters (1 East, 2 South, 1 East of Comodo.) Require 216 Flee to dodge 95%.
       - Anolians (2 East of Comodo.) Require 216 Flee to dodge 95%.

At Fur Seals, save the Coat[1], Blue Herb, Panacea, Guisarme[3] and Seal Card. You may actually choose to sell the Guisarme, I do that.
At Sea Otters, you can choose to save the Pearl, Sardonyx and Sapphire, but i always sell everything.
At Anolians, save the Brooch[1], Oridecon and Anolian Card.

Clock Tower B4.

Get yourself a PVP Gladius[3](2x Hydra, 1x Skel Worker), and head out for Bathories. You will need a Key of Underground to actually access the map, I'd bring a Support Priest with you (or just a Slave Buffer with Aspersio), Aspersio yourself and go nuts! Anolians, Whispers, Jokers and the 3 Sword Mini-Bosses roam here too, so might be smart to have that Wind Elemental Dagger with you here too (for the Anolians). Items to save here;

Bathory: Witched Starsand, Star Crumb, Star Dust, Arc Wand[2], Old Magicbook, Old Broom, Bathory Card.
Anolian: Oridecon, Royal Jelly, Brooch[1], Anolian Card
Whisper: Star Dust, Fabric, Silver Rob[1], Whisper Card
Joker: Old Card Album, Contract in Shadow, Oridecon, Katar of Piercing Wind, Joker Card

Stats Distribution:
DEX to 10
STR to 10
AGI to 20
DEX to 20
AGI to 40
STR to 40
AGI to 80
DEX to 40
STR to 80

Fill the rest to your heart's content. I usually get around 50 Base DEX, Round STR to 10s and rest in VIT.

Farming Spots:
       - Sphinx 1 & 2
       - Kobolds
       - Byalan 4
       - Payon Dungeon 3 & 4
       - Goblins
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Re: Gank Rogue (Updated April 13, 2018

Postby andis » April 14th, 2018, 8:52 am

It is drainliar @sohee, not vadon

Great guide tho (/no1)
(/go)  (/go)  (/go)  (/go)  (/heh)  (/heh)  (/heh)  (/x)  (/o)  (/x)  (/o)
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Re: Gank Rogue (Updated April 13, 2018

Postby Sheathz » April 14th, 2018, 11:29 am

Yeah thanks for that! I forgot to edit that XD, I keep switching those up!

Also, put a new leveling spot; Clock Tower B4!
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Re: Gank Rogue (Updated April 13, 2018

Postby Franky4Fingers » April 14th, 2018, 2:22 pm

Nice guide  (/gawi)

Now I want to make a 3rd rogue to test a few places I havent been to :P
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