[Starter Guide] Hunter

[Starter Guide] Hunter

Postby Rugal » December 1st, 2017, 12:32 pm

So this post will describe my opinion on Hunters in Pre-Trans world and their roles.
Everything described in this post is my opinion, so don't get hard in comments.

So Hunter. Ranged class with wide set of skills oriented for long distance fight, actually most of long range skills you get from Archer, so what benefit to get a Hunter rather then Bard/Dancer.
- Got Falcon
- Got Ankle Snare
- Can get gear for himself
- Best farmer (in scope of mid/high-end equips, Rouges better in zeny or consumables farming)
- Low-Middle tier MVP killer

- Two roles on WoE: Ankle Snare (on Defence only) and Ranged detection
- Cant kill high end MvPs
- Average to Bad in PvP/Mass PvP

Can't kill even mage with Horn, 2xAlligator (-45% R_Damage) and ~30 DEF (Additional -30% P_Damage) resulting total in -75% damage taken from Hunter.
It's like 650 from Double Strafe, for Wizard/Sage having 6k HP and some pots it's impossible to nuke them down, coz Pest, Frost Diver, Phen.
Can't kill Acolite classes due to Puneuma, you can say that there is a Sandman + Shockwave Trap, you can drain to 0 SP and kill Priest/Monk. In theory yes, from practical side - no.
Can't kill Swordsman type classes, due to high mobility of those and they do have ranged skills.
Crusaders also have -80% Ranged Damage reduction, so you just got Frozen, Stunned or get any other status effect to reduce your mobility with Shield Boomerang + Status cards in weapon and die from Grand Cross.
Knight will just hunt you down with Spear Boomerang or Bowling Bash.
Alchemist is an ok target, but if he doesn't have infinite amount of pots, in this case you can't kill him, but you will not die too, so no profit from this fight.
Blacksmith is killable but if you have good control of traps you set up and ready for exhaustive game, where one error and you got Mamonited.
Bard/Dancer, both classes got more benefits in PvP and WoE then you. They got Shield and high VIT stat also you will be Frozen/Stunned most of the battle or rushed with Double Strafe, Throw Arrow/Musical Strike.

So as you see in PvP Hunter is not a thing. Almost the same on WoE, you set Ankle Snare traps in Emperium room each 50 seconds and detect for hidden Assassins. On attack you useless, coz going in to the enemy Emperium room is death from Storm Gust you will die from one hit of it.

So if Hunter band in PvP and WoE does it makes him bad class ? Short answer is NO.
Hunter shines in Leveling and Farming. It can solo farm almost all mobs in game and quite effective.

Here are some facts that you do or don't know.
- Falcon damage scales with both DEX and INT of the Hunter.
- Falcon damage ignores DEF but can be reduced or nullified by reduction effects (Ranged/Neutral/Demi-Human Race Damage reduction, Puneuma).
- Falcon proc chance is a 1% for every 3 LUK, so chance is equal neutral Critical Chance of the Hunter.
- Falcon proc can be only if Hunter have bow equipped.
- Falcon will not proc from Skill use.
- Falcon will not proc if Hunter doesn't have at least 1 in Blitz Beat
- Falcon proc will always deal 5 hits.
- Falcon damage divided between number of targets, making him bad for farming group of mobs.
- And last one Falcon and other triggers doesn't proc on each other. For example if you have Sidewinder card in bow, on each attack there will be check on each proc individually, so if Falcon procs, then you will never deal Double Attack on same hit and vice versa. Altho there is exception, Falcon can proc on Critical hit where Double Strike don't.

Note: Refine rate, each refine on armor will add 0.7 to DEF, but damage reduced only by integer value. DEF is not rounded to integer, only affected by integer value. So this will help you, you need to have integer remainder of division from sum of your refine rates from all armors.
All equipment +5 refine.
Weapon: Gakkung Bow [2] ~2kk zeny
Upper Head: Apple of Archer 500k-1kk zeny
Middle Head: Binoculars 400k zeny
Lower Head: Any that you like
Armor: Tights [1] 800k-1.1kk zeny
Garment: Muffler [1] 400k-500k zeny
Foot: Boots [1] 800k-1kk zeny
Accessory 1: Clip [1] 100k zeny
Accessory 2: Glove [1] 4kk-7kk

Weapon Slot 1, Body, Garment, Foot, Accessory 1 is a Archer Card Combo
Weapon Slot 2: Archer Skeleton 800k-1.3kk zeny
Accessory 2: Zerom 4kk-5kk

So in sum we get +20 Refine from our equipment, that will result in 14 DEF from refine. All equips are +5, so it's safe limit and you can get only one instance of each piece. And in total it's a 25 DEF.

Reasons to have Archer Card Combo is simple. Large benefits from small effort. Cards that i would like to highlight are: Cruiser and Dragon Tail.
Total Bonuses From Equips:
Ranged Damage +30%
Double Strafe Damage: +35%
Flee +10
DEX +12
AGI +4

Stat Build:
Buffs/Passives: Blessing 10, Increase Agi 10, Attention Concentrate 10, Owl's Eye 10, Beast Bane 10, Steel Crow 10, Awakening Potion
INT 26+14 (40)
AGI 81+34 (115)
DEX 94+56 (150)
LUK 49+4 (54)

Flee: 224
ASPD: 180.11
Critical Chance: 20% + 20% from Sharp Arrow
Falcon Proc Chance: 20%
Falcon Damage: 1000
HP: 5023
SP: 578

- Poring [LUK +2, Crit +1]
- Lunatic [Crit +2, Atk +2]
- Yoyo [Crit +3, LUK -1]
All of them are pretty good, best in scope of DPS technically Poring, adds both to Crit chance and Falcon Proc.

Average DPS:
- Basic Attack(Normal Hits/Critical Hits/Falcon Proc) on Brute with 0 DEF, Neutral Element: 2400
- Double Strafe on Brute with 0 DEF: 7200
- Basic Attack(Normal Hits/Critical Hits/Falcon Proc) on non-Brute with 40 DEF, Neutral Element: 1650
- Double Strafe on non-Brute with 40 DEF: 4050

So sum-up Hunter in scope of this particular build:
- Self sufficient
- Good DPS and Survivability
- Can push damage even if out on SP
- Self obtainable equips

Don't try to go fast 99 level, you get level up while you farm your equipment/cards.
Farming/Leveling strategy:
Level 1~12:
- As a Novice finish Training grounds quests and farm till job level 10
- Invest to DEX only for now

Level 12~30
Condor, farm them for Bow [4] and Oranges, refine them to +8/+10 this will help you start.
Wormtail, get 2 cards from it and get 3 Clips from Dragon Fly. Also great starting items, you will get Pike [4] dropped from them, so you can get your starting money by selling them with your Merchant/#trade channel. Get yours Pantie + Undershirt equip combo.
Focus on Owl's Eye, Vulture's Eye, Attention Concentrate. Don't get more then 5 in Vulture's Eye, get your DEX/AGI buffs/passives first.

Level 30~50
Get Hunter Bow and upgrade it to +5. Get Making Arrows platinum skill.
Skeleton Worker, Archer Skeleton where SW farm for Steel that is needed for Binoculars and possible card that you can sell for 3.5kk=4kk and AS are for Apple of Archer and card. Get to 60-70 DEX mark and start invest to AGI.

Level 50~70
Alligator, first card for combo. For now on head for AGI until you get 60 AGI and 23 points to LUK, then max out AGI for the build. Get Gakkung Bow if you have enough zeny, refine to +5 and Slot Archer Skeleton card.

Level 70~90
Jakk, farm Tights, Infiltrators. Minorous for leveling.

Level 90~99
Dragon Tail, having 81 AGI and starting equips will result in 95% dodge rate. Don't be afraid to kill Griffon.

After that get rest of the equips/cards you need, good way to start from Anolian, Cruiser(unless you already bought card). Problem can be with Mermans, coz best spot to farm them is left dungeon of Comodo and there are lots of Medusa mobs, they are pretty strong.
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Re: [Starter Guide] Hunter

Postby Thessalia » December 18th, 2017, 4:22 am

Hey thanks for posting this guide, it's been pretty helpful for me.

I was going to go AGI/DEX hunter for farming. Is there any advantage for me to put points into LUK? I've heard that auto-blitz isn't as good as agi/dex and ds.
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Re: [Starter Guide] Hunter

Postby RichRoller » January 13th, 2018, 7:34 pm

thx for the guide!

it was helpful for me cause im aiming to be a sniper,

for hunter i would just go
99 dex first
then agi
then the rest appropiate to what u need and your play style.

as for LUK and auto falcon attack dont know about that
isn't it same as the sin luck/crit build?
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