grizzlee's budget guide for less then 2m

grizzlee's budget guide for less then 2m

Postby Pophet » 2019-12-29 11:44 (Sunday)

i really feel the need to finaly do this guide.

i cant stand "naked" people in partys any longer :)

dont be one of them, read this guide and get yourself ready for better exp and a MUCH better party experience.

i recently talked to a lot of newer players and figured out that most of them dont run naked characters on purpose,
but simply just dont know what to buy or prioritize.
and now, after researching this issue a bit i can clearly understand these players.
just pay attention to the main chat.
they ask for advise and 95% of the awnsers a either:
1. wrong
2. WAY over budget
3. only have one purpose.

why is this an issue or why should i even care with my equipment?
the awnser is pretty simple.
1. you die less = more exp
2. can handle bigger mobs = more exp.
3. can take better exp spots earlier on = more exp. (i will talk about that later on)
4. good/better weight/def ratio

so i came up with the idea to make a guide that includes EVERY character class, only requires a relativly low level and is UNDER A BUDGET OF 2 million zeny.
so people cant have excuses. :)

before i begin, keep in mind that this ia a PARTY guide.
most niffel partys start with 65+, so that will be our minimum requirement for this guide.
this guide will cover every spot except bio 3.
i will talk about bio 3 at the end because its mainly only ONE item you have to add.

one last word before we start.
keep in mind that prices can AND WILL change over time, i tryed my best to pick items that will most likely stay at the average price i will mention here.

without further ado:

turban (id:2222)
price: 4k (juno npc)
3 def, everyone can use it and has low weight. it also takes only the upper headgear part, that is perfect for us.
it does NOT have a slot, that is correct and that has a reason.
there is really no card that result in any ground breaking effect, that i would consider is a must have in a budget build.
headgear cards in general have little effect compared to other slots.

opera masque (id:2281)
price: 200k-300k
2 def, not much else to say.
there are several 2 def variants in this slot but they usualy cost a lot more.

coat (id:2310)
goat card (id:4150)
price: coat=50k-80k, goat card=100k-200k.
good weight and a HUGE boost in our overall def and mdef.
goat is considerd as a trash card so you will get it very cheap,
but maybe have to ask for it via #trade because people dont mind putting it in the shop.

non specific.
price: free-10k
less is sometimes more, if you dont need a weapon, dont use a weapon. (mobber for example)
or use the weapon with the lowest weight if you have to (songs, bow tappers, etc)
this slot focus on as low weight as possible.
cards have little to no effect for our purpose, ignore them.

guard (id:2101) or buckler (id:2103).
price: 1k- 14k (npc)
this will most likely be a buckler but some classes have to use a guard.
i know, no slot in a shield sounds stupid at first.
but what can i say, any shield with a slot would already kill the purpose of this guide and thats WITHOUT the card.
and even if we would use a shield with a slot, there isnt really a good choice for an allround option.
there are some like, andre egg, arclouze, dryad etc.
but in combination we would already spend roughly 1,5m for little to no effect.

Vali's Manteau (id:2517)
price: 1m
yes, this is very expensive in comparison to our other equip.
but valis is pretty much a must have.
the price/purpos ratio is still VERY good.
we get 15% reduction from every neutral atk (almost every autoatk from mobs), making it a top allround choice.
raydric card would give 20% reduction but would cost ATLEAST 3m. (without the cost of the slotted garment)
and 5% is really not worth it for our purpose.

crystal pumps (id:2407)
price: 200k-300k
a very welcomed boost to our mdef with almost no weight.
the mdef will come in handy especially in dungeons with caster mobs.
for example, magma 2 and bio 2.

2x rosary (id:2608)
price: 15k (npc)
again a nice boost to our mdef and its almost for free.

everything on +4 is more then enough.
thats why we add an additional 200k




i know i repeat myself that the marked price can AND WILL change with every day.
but even in the worst case scenario, my guide will always be under 2m zeny in total.
sometimes u need to wait a bit for new items to hit the market or try your luck via #trade chat.

swordman, thief and merchant classes should consider to get a padded armor (id:2313) instead of the coat and combine it with 1 armor charm (id:2656).
this should be still under 2m total cost and gives a nice extra boost to our def.

as you might figured out by yourself, this guide is about stationary partys.

this build/equip works totaly fine and is more then enough for:
stalac golems
magma 2
bio 2
every guild dungeon
and pretty much every other spot other then juperos or bio 3.

even though you can do bio 3 with it (and probably have still better equip then most of the party...............),
i wouldnt recomment it without a better shield.
get yourself a shield with horn card and you are more then capable of surviving enough hits to mob, wink, support or whatever.

juperos is also a bit more towards the more difficult spots, even though the equip/guide is more then enough for every member in the stationary part,
it is certainly NOT enough for the mobber.
get yourself a shield with penomena if you really wanna show your mobbing skills here.

ways to get yourself the needed zeny in no time with every class, even as the newest of the newest players on originsro.

1. farm pecos (moc field 02), sell the oranges, sandals and cards, rest goes npc. (save loot based)
2. farm mandragora (prt field 02), sell the stems and cards, rest goes npc. (mix between save loot and card luck)
3. farm horns (mjolnir 09), sell horns and cards, rest goes npc. (more card luck based)

i already know that there are hater and trolls that cant resist to comment.
so to you guys, if you know better, open your own topic, and feel free to write your own guide.

but if you actually wanna help and have a good idea or tipp i can add or change, or you just wanna leave a friendly like, then feel free to leave a comment.

my english still sucks, i know that :)

you can always pm/add me via discord Grizzlee#6073 if you have any questions.
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Re: grizzlee's budget guide for less then 2m

Postby quiver » 2020-05-12 08:54 (Tuesday)

Thanks Pophet, this was a great guide to help me gear myself up and increase my survivability for parties and solo play. :) Are you the same Pophet from GFC (German Fight Club) back in the day?
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Re: grizzlee's budget guide for less then 2m

Postby Pophet » 2020-06-04 04:39 (Thursday)

yes, that is indeed me :)
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Re: grizzlee's budget guide for less then 2m

Postby Midgar_Zolom » 2021-07-30 01:34 (Friday)

Very nice guide thank you
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