Starting Guides Compilation (classes, leveling, zeny, more!)

Starting Guides Compilation (classes, leveling, zeny, more!)

Postby ToshMain » 2021-03-04 13:52 (Thursday)

This is a compilation of guides for people starting out in the server that I gathered from Discord's game discussion sticky, this board and posts that I've read before.

Beginner-friendly class list

A guide to starting out with 3 chars (archer, acolyte and merchant)

Leveling spots from 1 to 99 for every class (except trans classes)

Zeny guide for 1st class (grampa's zeny guide)

Trans classes PVE skill builds

Pre-trans WoE guide

Server Market Site

For more information about anything you might want to know, like a specific class/build, gears recommendation, making zeny, etc, I recommend to:

Otherwise, feel free to ask either in Discord, this forum or in-game #support channel. Good luck, and have fun!
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