WhiteSmith Cart Termination Build Help

WhiteSmith Cart Termination Build Help

Postby slamera3 » 2021-02-03 13:15 (Wednesday)

Hello! I’m new to the server currently leveling my merchant to Blacksmith but end goal is WS Cart Termination build! This is the class I wanted to explore in RO. Any tips would be appreciated. If anyone knows a low cost and high cost build plus items.

Regarding stats, most advise me yo get Agi 40+. I’ve read somewhere that min Atk speed tor car termination is 181-183. I am wondering why they recommend that low.

For vit~ recommended me 70+, stun proof?

For dex~ 58 for MVP is correct?

I’m afraid to get my stats wrong and end up releveling a new character.

Thank you~~ (/ok)
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