how i farmed roughly 35k penomenas :)

how i farmed roughly 35k penomenas :)

Postby Pophet » 2019-01-21 14:06 (Monday)

ok, im done with them.
even though the cards are still 10m+

so i thought i finaly share my method with you guys.

so many people tryd to figure out how i did it but till this day, nobody was even close.
the most i heard was pneuma monk and some strange variations of defender crus.

without further ado:

assasin. :)

assasin? how and why?
the awnser is easy, GRIMMTOOTH.

but dont you run out of sp?
no, because im int build and grimmtooth costs 3mana per use.

does it enough damage because of the crap poison element on penos?
yes it does, 100 str, +9 tripple envenom, orc pet and porcellio gives me and average grimmtooth dmg of 1100.

but the brilights will detect you.
yes, they will but that hardly matters if they cant hit me.

but you dont have agi.
that is correct but people dont realize that brilights only need 171 flee and that flee is easy to reach with improve dodge and a whisper card with no agi at all.

but sooner or later the brilights will hit you and you will be visible for all the penomenas.
yes, that happens from time to time, but all you have todo is just flywing away and hide again.

so how do you sustain your hp?
that is also easy, vitata is the awnser, and since i have 80+ int, it heals roughly 300hp. and that is enough on a low life build.
(takes like 15 seconds from 1 hp to full hp)

and what about sustaining sp?
eggyra and coif. i have almost 900 sp and because of the eggyra im regging more then enough. you will run out of sp after like 5-6 minutes.
sit down for a few seconds and you are ready to go again.

flywings or creamy?
both works. but since im an str build anyways, i always go for flywings (roughly 350 to be at 49%), mainly because i wanna use my mimic card
and dont wanna switch around all the time.

how often do you have to restock?
an average run is roughly 25-30 minutes with the flywings.

what is your killspeed?
depends how focused you are. on average im at 8 per minute. but with some lucky spawns you can reach 12.

what about the cramps?
sure, kill them. since they are also poison you do the same damage. but cramp is worth like 1/3 compared to peno so i rather keep teling and kill more penos.
but that is up to you.

no buff slave?
no, of course not. i teleporting around and the +10 str are really dont make a big difference. and agi is useless because im not walking/running anyways.
in a nutshell, the priest would slow you down.

so you made a character that is only good to farm ONE thing?
yes and no. because i also have sonic blow and as you know, A LOT of sp.

what else can you do with that char?
oneshotting with sonic blow, kahos, windghosts, aligator, marc, baby leopard etc, you name it.

can you improof on that build?
yes, yes you can. first of all you should do it as i say, not as i do. keep your equip low weight. im using a manteau and a coat but with a hood and a cotten shirt
i could carry more flywings resulting in less down times.

is it an expensive build?
really, no. the only thing that is a bit more expensive is the mimic card but that is totaly optional.
the whole equip is like worth 2 penomena cards in total (including the mimic), so you will get your money back fast as lighting.


here a picture of my stats and equips.



i also made a 2 minute recording that shows how i exactly do it.
but since i donno how to upload files here in the forum, i can send you a copy via discord if you are interested.


i hope it all make sense now :)
and if you have more questions, feel free to ask :)
and if you like it, feel free to leave a comment :)

you can also contact me on discord: Grizzlee#6073

PS: i hope it was funny and understandable to read, i know my english sucks.

EDIT: i forgot to summ up the loot.
it was 17 or 18 cards. 27 katars.
and i sold hairbands (made out of corals) for 2m each and the corals for like 600-2k each.
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Re: how i farmed roughly 35k penomenas :)

Postby acampbell » 2019-01-24 11:51 (Thursday)

Cool guide, and thank you for sharing your interesting technique. (/no1)
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Re: how i farmed roughly 35k penomenas :)

Postby Pophet » 2019-12-28 19:26 (Saturday)

i recently had a lot of people contacting me via discord with the question if the build is still viable after rebirth.

so i guess i clear some things up.

YES, its still strong, VERY STRONG.
penomena is one of the cards that didnt drop much in price, or atleast not as much as others.
rebirth changed A LOT on the card market.
mostly because they are easier to farm, have better maps, faster spawns or overall more spawns.
cards like AK, evil druid or earth deleter, just to name a few dropped by 50%-80% over the last weeks.
penomena did not, because...........
well, they are still penomenas and still a pain in the a** to farm.

to round it up, the build got cheaper and the penomena card is still almost worth the same as back then.
coral reefs dropped in price BUT on the good side, you sell them much faster (sign quest)
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Re: how i farmed roughly 35k penomenas :)

Postby 1sec » 2020-01-19 17:38 (Sunday)

I've followed your guide and made a Grimtooth Assassin especially to kill Penos pre-rebirth and it was awesome! Thank you!
However, now that the monster spawn changed including in the Clock Tower map, I found that Hunters are way faster than Grimtoothing Penos :)
Cheers for this guide <3
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Re: how i farmed roughly 35k penomenas :)

Postby Pophet » 2020-03-23 17:31 (Monday)

yeah, you are totaly correct.

a "specific" grimm assa for penos is now outclassed by a bunch of builds.

just to name a few:

pure FA. (oneshot) (99 int vitata heal)
boomer. (twoshot) (self lvl 10 heal)
soul destroyer. (oneshot) (99 int vitata heal) (high def/resistance gear)
pretty much EVERY agi char, since you can reach the neccessary flee without any issues now, mainly because of slotted panty/undershirt

only advantage the "peno grimm" assa has, is that the neccessary equip is even cheaper then before.
so it still might be interesting for new players, since grimmtooth is a good starting option anyways.
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