[Rogue Starter Guide]

[Rogue Starter Guide]

Postby pedrocaparelli » 2020-01-13 15:05 (Monday)


I decided to make this guide to help new players and people who have been away from RO from a long time, or even for people with limited knowledge on farming places, making zenny, etc.
Thief/Rogue are the most popular classes chosen by new players, but often I see a lot of misinformation regarding their efficiency as well as the time it takes to get to 99.
So let's get one thing straight before we start, Rogue is the best class for farming common items(generally speaking, items that you sell to NPC, materials like Oridecon, Elunium), as well as being the easiest to play for begginers, but it's true that they fall behind when you're hunting for rare or cards, also you'll have a easier time than most classes until you reach late game(lv~90),but at that point you'll be outclassed in DMG and usefulness in parties, so you'll be probably playing solo or duo until 99 . So my suggestion is: if you're starting out, and don't know how to make yourself money, make a Rogue first and follow the guide. If you ever want to hunt for rare gears and cards, you're better off creating a Hunter, and hunting these items with him.


Before we start, I suggest you read Grampa's Newcomers' Essential Guide: https://bbs.originsro.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2831
It will teach you about slave characters, first buys, etc. It's very useful, thanks Grampa!

1.2 -STATS

I will only be covering dagger Rogue in this guide, also known as "Gank Rogue".
Stats progression should be:
When leveling I always try to keep at least 20~30 points in AGI more than STR. So if you have 20STR and 20DEX you should already have 40~50 points in AGI.
Final build should look like this:
STR 64~74
AGI ~90
DEX 60~70
REST in VIT. When you become a Stalker you can opt for INT instead of VIT, since you'll be spamming way more abilities.


Before we start with the farming places, let's talk about your first purchases. Rogue is relatively cheap to build, all you need is:

PANTIE + UNDERSHIRT = Essential equip for every starting char, it's very cheap and is the best choice until you start going to higher level maps. Must buy for a new player.
Elemental Damascus = Another essential for Rogue, it's all you gonna need to farm until level 80+, super cheap for only 500k each. Element will depend on your prefered farming places, I personally recomend Fire, Wind and Ice elements(you'll see why in the next segment).
Annnnnd... That's it actually, with these gears you'll be farming safely until late game(lv.80+).

For your next purchases(meaning, when you start making millions) you should be looking to buy:

Whisper Card: gives 20 FLEE, enough said.
Elemental carded armors: For example, Pasana card, so you can farm at magma dungeon, Swordfish for Byalan, Bathory, etc.
+8,+9 Triple carded Gladius: Either triple race or triple size. I prefer triple size because you'll have way more options for mobs and maps.
Rogue's Treasure: Best acessory for Thief/Rogue.


The most important part of the guide, one thing before we start: Thief/Rogue is probably one of the most reliant classes when talking about BUFFS(Bless+Agi+Kyrie), you'll kill monster much quicker, get hit less often, and most important Kyrie protects you from physical skills, meaning that you can mantain your copied skill for way longer. The way Kyrie works is that it DOESN'T count as a hit when the monsters miss the attack on you, so you can mantain the shield for way longer than most classes. So, before you go leveling with him, create a Priest first. It'll make your like 10x easier and it doesn't take long at all. So let's get to farming, finally:

Gear needed: None, just a NPC dagger is good. Remember to bring you aco/priest to help with the first monsters.

pay_fild02(Wolves) = This is my favorite map for low level chars. Wolves give a lot of XP, and monsters here drop Strawberries wich can be sold for between 700-900z to players. IMO, there's no better map than this one in terms of xp and zeny for low level, also Wolf card is not bad for your first weapon(Elemental is still better tho). I suggest you farm here until you reach base 45~50, and sell all strawberries to players. You can also sell half and keep half so you'll have a easier time farming with more sp reliant characters.

moc_fild18(Muka) = Another good map for low level. Focus on Muka and then sell cactus needles to players.

prt_fild02(Mandragora) = This is where I actually made my first mil(altho I did it with my archer at the time). Exp here is pretty bad compared with wolves, BUT... This is in reality the best map for early zeny. Stems drop with a 100% chance, and can be sold for 700~900z each to players. With steal you'll be getting 1400-1800 zeny EACH kill, pretty good huh?

Byalan Dungeon = Good map, with great drops. Almost every monster in here drops valuable cards. It has lots of levels too, so you can actually stay here for a long time(70~80 for the last level). I recommend a Wind Damascus tho and maybe a swordfish carded armor for an easier time farming.


When you reach about level 45 you'll have two options:

The first in finding a party at MI GAO's and staying there until job 50(yes, I level all my characters to job 50, you don't need to if you're lazy). There's not much to be said here, you'll not be useful at all, but in my experience most people don't care. I never failed to find a party there, just be polite and patient and ask in #party channel for an invite. Focus on killing mantis, or try to mob/pull mi gaos for your party to kill. Fire Damascus recommended.

Second option is the famous Toy Factory, stay at level one until you have enough Flee to kill Myst Cases. Avoid cruisers if solo, they have way too much HIT points. One thing you can do is bring your slave aco and use Pneuma so you can safely kill them. This map is popular for a reason, especially for Thief/Rogue, and that's the loot there. It's the best place for farming zeny when you're naked(or simply poor), remember to sell everything with your merchant for maximum profit. Fire Damascus recommended.

LEVELS 60-80

At this point you should already have saved up at least 1~2mil, or even more depending on how much time you spent collecting Stems, Strawberries and TF2 drops. I recommend you invest in a Whisper card and a Wind Damascus, as the next set of monsters you're hunting will be water element.

cmd_fild01(Two maps west of Comodo) = Very easy and safe map to farm, get trifecta for maximum damage, you won't be hit here very often. Hunt alligators until you have 207 FLEE, then proceed to the south map.

cmd_fild02: Very popular farming place, but be warned: this place is not easy, because of monster density you'll be getting mobbed very easily if you're not careful. Don't fight more than two monsters at once. Hunt only Fur seal and Mobster when you see him.

Byalan Dungeon( levels 3 and 4) - Again, you can return here, exp is great at these levels, lots of monsters, good drops and cards. Only downside is it's impossible to use your plagiarism here, as you'll be getting hit with water attacks pretty often. Don't mob more than 3 or 4 monsters. Wind Damascus and swordfish carded armor recommended.

yuno_fild11 - 217 FLEE NEEDED> Farming Sleepers in one of the best ways to farm zeny at this level. Yes, you'll be taking some time to kill em' as they have high DEF, but it's a safe map to use trifecta, just make sure you have Kyrie on you at all times. Kill every Sleeper and Geographer in sight. Go back when your buffs are almost over> store everything(GN's weight a lot)> warp back with buffs. Every 500 great natures give about 2m+. Fire damascus recommended.

LEVELS 80-90

Reaching late game, you should be saving up for a good weapon, like a triple carded/race Gladius. Also at this point, a endower is mandatory. Most maps become hard for Rogue at this point because most higher level mobs use lots of skills, so unless you're duo'ing with a Priest who can prevent you from losing your copied skills, you'll just have to deal with it. (/sob)

mag_dun01 = Probably the best map for late game Rogue. I acually stayed here until I was level 95. You'll need to buy a Pasana card and have a water endowed weapon(elemental damascus works too if you're still short on money. You'll be making millions here, and xp is super good, you just need to know what to focus. Have at least 300~500 fly wings for every 30 minute farming session.

My method for farming here is: lots of fly wings + bersek potion for 180aspd> fly wing until you see either Kahos or Explosion. These are your only targets, don't bother killing Blazers, they are not worth it. If you see a Kaho or Explosion that's near to say, 10 monsters, just use Snatch to a safe location and kill em safely> Go back when buffs are over> repeat. When I'm super focused I can get almost 100 materials( generally it's between 60~80 elunium, 20~30 oridecon) per 30 min farming, not counting on the other loot. You can make millions a day here, it depends on how many people are farming there. Don't bother with level 2.

Merman hunting: You can go back to byalan 4, or hunt them at Comodo Dungeon. Nice exp, not so good money compared to magma.

Anolians: 3 maps west of Comodo. Bring Wind Damascus, again nice xp, not so good drops(unless you get lucky and get Brooch.

Turtle Island: Great place for XP. You can actually stay there til' 99, but you'll need a triple carded Gladius with Goblin cards, turtles have lots of DEF, so you'll take a bit to kill em' compared to other monsters.

Glast Heim: Lot's of monster diversity here, you can hunt for Stings at gl_sew03, anolians at gl_sew04. Not the best place, but not bad.


At this point, I reccomend you just find a party and level with them(magma2, bio3, juperos,etc). Maybe it'll be hard to find parties, not really sure, as I always leveled up alone or with small parties.
There's not really other places I can recommend for solo, so you can stay in the maps in the previous segment if you desire.

One place I really like farming with a duo priest, or even trio with another class is Bio2. Although you can still get more xp at other maps, it's a very fun and challenging map for small parties, monsters density is high, the only threat there are the mages, so a Priest is mandatory if you want to go there( they can silence them, making mages useless). Xp is not good, but I personally like the drops there, maybe you'll get lucky and drop a Rogue's Treasure (/ok)


This is it for the guide, I know all the information here is not new, but I'm sure it'll help someone. Also, feel free to share,modify and post this guide wherever you want. If you want to add more information to the guide just send em' to me, I'll update it when I have time.

If any of you have more specific questions you can post here, or pm my Rogue> Personal Risk Tolerance, I''ll be glad to help you.

Nice farming and most importantly, HAVE FUN! (/lv)
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Re: [Rogue Starter Guide]

Postby Fuuji » 2020-01-20 00:33 (Monday)


First, as a long time returning player, I thank you for the guide it's so helpful for me.

I'm however kinda lost on something you didn't mention in this guide and it's simply, on the gameplay part like :

- Which skills should I level up ?
- Separately as a Thief, then a Rogue and finally, a Stalker, how should I approach mobs ? Like I reached lvl 45 as thief but all I do is autoattack mobs as I found envenom kinda lacking, but is that really how I should be playing it ?
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Re: [Rogue Starter Guide]

Postby paulosabile09 » 2020-01-20 02:04 (Monday)

Where can I buy Elemental weapons?
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