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RMS mask for advertisement

PostPosted: 2017-06-30 05:09 (Friday)
by Mathy
A lot of people have been requesting this, so there it goes.
Handle with care, avoid posting it twice on the same thread, make sure to grab the most updated version and replace the parts in curly brackets. I'll be posting it as often as I can, but it'd be nice to have help from people of different time zones/schedules.

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Hello {OPnamegoeshere},

I'm happy to see you are seeking a low rate server. Hopefully the one I'm about to recommend you suits your needs and you come to join us.
OriginsRO (site: [url][/url]) is a server that aims to provide a fun experience close to that of official servers.
Although we launched in October 2013, we started even before Juno update (the one that brought in 2-2 classes), and have been reasonably releasing each official episode changing only where necessary.
We are currently on episode {episodenamegoeshere}, and our rates are 5/5/5/3 (3x is for mini-bosses and MvPs).
[b]No donation money is ever accepted[/b] unless it is a completely anonymous transaction. That is, [b]there isn't and will never be any sort of Cash Shop, Item Mall or VIP system. We keep the server 100% free![/b]
There are no game-breaking NPCs like Healers, Job Changers, Free Warpers or Resetter, but we do have a tailor and a hairstylist with several cloth colors, hair colors and hairstyles (both official and custom!), plus 4 different skin tones (Pale, Default/White, Tan and Black) to be set during character creation.
Everything will be updated about once every three months until we hit the latest pre-RE episode, from where we will focus on content developed by us, or adapted from Renewal to fit classic mechanics.
There is also a Master Account system, so that all your game accounts are linked to a single one that you will use to log into the game from the Launcher, while using the interface to select which game account to log in. A common master storage also exists, making transferring items between your accounts even easier, and guest passwords can be set for friends or guildmates to use a single game account without learning of the other ones linked to your M.A..
Our launcher and client have been tested to work on Windows natively, and on Linux and Mac through WINE.

Useful links:
[*] [b]Our FAQ[/b] – [url][/url]
[*] [b]Our feature list[/b] – [url][/url]
[*] [b]Our quick join/download/install guide[/b] – [url][/url]
[*] [b]Our page on RateMyServer[/b] (so you can read the latest reviews on us) – [url][/url]

Hope to meet you soon!