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Gender change question

PostPosted: 2019-12-02 14:05 (Monday)
by chppr
there is a gender change button in the control panel.

the following sentence is the ony rule to this function:
"Note: You cannot change gender if you have the follow character jobs: Bard, Dancer, Minstrel, Gypsy, Baby Bard, Baby Dancer, Maestro, Wanderer, Maestro+, Wanderer+, Baby Maestro, Baby Wanderer."

my question is: can i change the gender in account settings, at the time when my bard is a high novice? is the job change to gypsy working then?

Re: Gender change question

PostPosted: 2019-12-03 10:14 (Tuesday)
by GM Ischia
Hey there,

your post actually made me double check this scenario and we found unintended behavior and fixed it.

So no, you cannot change to gypsy/clown with the gender change option while being a high novice or high archer :)