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Turn frame skipping OFF with /skip

PostPosted: 2018-04-07 12:56 (Saturday)
by Distilled
Today I said on main chat "Don't forget to type /skip every time you log in for smoother gameplay! A-HYUK" kinda jokingly, but then to my surprise, lots of people didn't know about this feature.

So I decided to make this suggestion:

..and now this post just to inform more people that you don't have to settle for less frames while playing if you have a decent PC.
I just want my fellow players to enjoy smoother frames.

Re: Turn frame skipping OFF with /skip

PostPosted: 2018-04-16 08:29 (Monday)
by Jake
What is frame skipping?

Re: Turn frame skipping OFF with /skip

PostPosted: 2018-04-17 14:45 (Tuesday)
by Distilled
When it's on (by default), RO seems to skip a frame every second or so. This isn't noticeable when standing still but is very noticeable when moving. At least to me.
Try it out by putting /skip in your chat, begin walking in a direction, then at some point, hit enter to toggle the frame skipping off.
Frame skipping doesn't affect your overall frames per second because the game runs at 60FPS regardless, but you can still tell that a frame is being skipped every second. It looks more jittery while moving when frame skipping is on.

Re: Turn frame skipping OFF with /skip

PostPosted: 2018-04-19 05:31 (Thursday)
by esperine
I didnt know this command, but tried it. It seems to be smoother, but not by much.

Two other things that are happening when activated:

- animations like lvl-up or refining are in slow motion almost (the sound as well)
- when my character stops moving after clicking and walking, the camera "slides" past it a bit and doesnt stop abruptly like it would normally...

Re: Turn frame skipping OFF with /skip

PostPosted: 2018-04-19 17:06 (Thursday)
by Distilled
Yeah, the benefit of turning frame skipping off really depends on the specs of the computer being used. Slower/older PCs just won't be able to handle the game well if you turn frame skipping off.
Faster PCs will benefit more from having it off though.
I don't know what kind of PC you've got, but I'd assume it's maybe an older one, or one without a dedicated graphics card?

If turning frame skipping off affects your game in a negative way, I suggest just leaving it on.