[2017-12-17] Update Changelog

What's changed recently in OriginsRO? What bugs were fixed and what features were added? Here's the list.

[2017-12-17] Update Changelog

Postby Haru » 2018-02-10 16:10 (Saturday)

Date/Time: 2017-12-17 00:30 [CET]
Status: Completed
Downtime: About 150 minutes.
Type: Updates and server maintenance.
Reasons: Upstream (Hercules) updates; Own (OriginsRO-Herc) updates; System hotfixes.

This maintenance brings several bug fixes and improvements, and updates the server contents to the OriginsRO Episode 9.1: Juperos.

Changelog for Players

  • [New] [Episode]: Added content for Episode 9.1: Juperos. [c9a94f1c, c3f79045, 7ae98625, eb77707e, 6a34d143, 6707b413, C:a92c6937, C:deacc3b9, F:de6cf6ce]
  • [Events]: Closed the Halloween event. [56be5803]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Fixed an issue that caused the ground targeted effect of certain AoE spells to become ineffective in some maps after a long server uptime. [47196c67, 2b4bfa5d, 581f8c73, 09d5c205, 3edcd549, 34a18710, 631416b1]
  • [Fix] [Items]: Fixed several weapons to show their real sprite during fights. [C:09aac507] (Issue #283).
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Fixed description of the Pecopeco Riding skill to point to the correct Pecopeco Breeder NPC. [C:1343e9d4] (Issue #592).
  • [Fix] [Events]: Updated the Mob of the Day logic to recognize identically named monsters as the same monster. This applies to monsters such as Kobold, Goblin, Venatu, etc., having several equivalent types. [1adf9eb3, ff190205, f3580412, ceb0a164, abf82f1b, 8dd3f4f6, ab3d6b49, efe33412] (Issue #567)
  • [Mobs]: Corrected or edited the name of various monsters to properly match the original intent (before it was mangled in English mistranslations) or to better fit into the lore. [7fab1f21, a4944290, 9ebf2f76, 04e54900, e2c68034, c5840a0f, ff606f50, 3b7083e6, 2c21a33e, a537ef2a, 8cdbacc1, a533c706, c6ef31ee, 74f8223e, b239e55c, 9fcdba18, 4c305477, 4687ee2f, 15a3786a, 3f4f24e2, 1e26753c, cfadca27, C:6ba52963, C:22a95e46, C:d98fdca0, C:59a6e93b, C:f8a22b49, C:df2b4f00, C:b71f58de, C:da1e7d9c, C:0b55887b, C:3c388a81, C:048bbd3d, C:743331c4, C:0baa88b2, C:f175bdda, C:62ae3420, C:a192c9f4, C:991309da, C:1a81b761, C:169b0599, C:8d6595b9, C:ab7f7adb]
    •  Anacondaq is now Anaconda.
    •  The Picky variant with an eggshell is now Eggshell Picky.
    •  The confusion between Peco Peco, PecoPeco, Pecopeco is now cleared, and it is called Pecopeco everywhere (hopefully).
    •  The Petite variants are now Earth Petite and Sky Petite, to match their cards.
    •  The variant of Whisper that doesn't drop a card, present in some dungeons, is now named Mutter.
    •  Mysteltainn is now Mistilteinn.
    •  Ogretooth is now Tyrfing.
    •  Seal is now Fur Seal.
    •  The Deleter variants are now Earth Deleter and Sky Deleter, to match their cards.
    •  The confusion between Arc Angeling, ArcAngeling and Archangeling is now cleared, and it is called Archangeling everywhere.
    •  The various Andre cards are now Ant cards (Ant Egg, Ant Larva, Ant, Soldier Ant), since they aren't specific to Andre.
    • Majoruros and Minorous have been renamed to have matching names: Majouros and Minouros.
    •  Other ambiguities in unreleased monster names have been cleared, ahead of future episodes.
  • [Commands]: Changed @memo to display the current save point. [76fdcaf1, 5e428068, b2e7a169] (Issue #610).
  • [Fix] [Misc]: Fixed several character-naming exploits (names shorter than the minimum allowed or containing invalid symbols), related to improperly handled unicode characters. [d134bb64, 3ce21906, 16ce788d, b295c797, 80e4cb38, 70285aa9, 052ce192, 056ca181, a080d0c5, 95eb7b64, 9cb41f81, c6d21245, a822fd14, a30cbe55, fd4dc113, 62202241] (Issue #506).
  • [Fix] [Commands]: Changed default @gsacl policy to allow access to the guild leader. [cf32111e] (Issue #93).
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Fixed an issue that prevents the Poison status to naturally end when Slow Poison is active. [62d93096] (Issue #597)
  • [Fix] [Items]: Disabled various Ninja and Gunslinger items that were accidentally left in the mob drops. [8d19b4aa]
  • [Fix] [Monsters]: Fixed the Fur Seal AI to match the official behavior. [949430ee]
  • [Fix] [Monsters]: Adjusted the drop rates of the Kappa monster to work better with our 5x drop rates. [adcd7d47] (Issue #570)
  • [NPCs]: Added a warning to Sprakki's dialogue, to warn the players about stat allocation being permanent. [61fa3e5e] (Issue #583)
  • [Fix] [NPCs]: Fixed several typos and inconsistencies in NPC dialogues. [2e16b15b, 9be825db, d46183f3]
  • [Fix] [Maps]: Fixed an issue that caused some event maps to be available for /memo. [f515af05, 8345a9a7]
  • [Maps]: Restricted access to guild castles during WoE to characters belonging to a guild. It remains the guild leader's responsibility to make sure the guild members bear a visible emblem. [86907e31, c5d00ff2]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Disabled the Divorce page, known to cause glitches.  Divorces can be performed in-game. [F:5e5368fe]
  • [New] [CP]: Added extra information about the Metamorphosis skill in the monster view page of the monsters that use it. [F:b5639943]

Changelog for GMs

  • [New] [Commands]: Added ability to target a character by character (CID:) or account ID (RID:), in case the name contains symbols difficult to type. [f591d64b] (Issue #95)

Changelog for Scripters

  • [Fix] [Commands]: Extended setequipoption() to be able to remove equip options. [e6afabe4]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added miniboss_monster top level command, as an alternative to monster and boss_monster, for non-MVP boss monsters. [aa8466c0]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added support to specify equipment and other styles in NPCs. [e8346ea6, ca0128ca, 497a25b1, ff898b1d, 3e02dc0e]
  • [Commands]: Extended F_GetArmorType() with the missing armor types. [1d3a6afb]
  • [Commands]: The commands has_instance() and has_instance2() can now search for instances of type IOT_NONE. [714cb1fa]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added type constants for the getiteminfo() and setiteminfo() commands. [ab1c84c8, dfcb1ff3]
  • [Commands]: Extended the getiteminfo() and setiteminfo() commands to support the ITEMINFO_VIEWSPRITE type. [e52cb33a]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added a new F_GetAmmoType() galobal function, counterparto to F_GetWeaponType for ammunitions. [b87eb96a]
  • [Commands]: Rewritten F_GetArmorType() with support for multi-slot items. [42248822]

Changelog for Developers

  • [Fix] [Build]: Improved compatibility with recent GCC versions. [4b2c40a6]
  • [New] [Misc]: Extended login.c interface to include various missing functions. [0e16e4d1]
  • [Client]: Added/improved support for several different client versions. [ebff7968, 72cfd8a0, 3e03556e, a11db789, f48b5b3e]
  • [Fix] [Misc]: Ensured the correct size to be passed to the StmtBind SQL functions. [6c31098e, 872844f1, da914ff5]
  • [Merges]: [7262b517, f913fd8d, 6d0aee73, 7f74da4a, 703a5769, 94859ffd, 51b3d1e9, aa8466c0, 41f3237e, b236779f, 61677606, 14ca1ab7, 82da003c, b97fbfe4, 93fe9834, a63c82c8, 7b2f685d, 901df027, 66ee4dea, fb29abd3, 8850eaf8, 1418831c, 45db6ef0, 3495ce43, 233adf3c, 15be0dcf, 20f995bf, 99ae0f06, 2b8fb176, 756b51cf, 3f9eeb7d, bb6b0f0c, ccd9bd9a, a6ddc6f8, b8b3602d, b888a699, be36c17b]
  • [API]: Database and API rebuilds: [9519c40b, 94a8dded, fc5dc16c, ecf37dae, 13b1d22d, 65f7edf0, a37d42b8, 85a38039, 7361abdc, 8dda7c49]
  • [Extras]: Extra commits merged from Hercules (not affecting or relevant to OriginsRO at this time): [0ef393d9, be08dbe7, 683c6048, 6f125b23, aaeadfe9, ca5f2d3c, 072b9d01, e5a63561, c1c8d6b7, 6300a7b1, a153dc6a, fb1fbee3, 58f28025, ef0a0966]

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