[2017-05-20] Update Changelog

What's changed recently in OriginsRO? What bugs were fixed and what features were added? Here's the list.

[2017-05-20] Update Changelog

Postby Haru » May 21st, 2017, 3:26 am

Date/Time: 2017-05-20 01:30 [CEST]
Status: Completed
Downtime: About 130 minutes.
Type: Updates and server maintenance.
Reasons: New episode release; Upstream (Hercules) updates; Own (OriginsRO-Herc) updates; Database maintenance; System hotfixes

This maintenance updates OriginsRO to the episode 9.0. During the maintenance, database maintenance and system updates will take place.

Changelog for Players

  • [New] [Episode]: Added new OriginsRO Episode 9.0 contents. [b24f7a0, a1aea5d, da2d314, 0f5491d, fb8884a, c97aff0, 7c6ef50, 67ebf6d, f287409, 4195baf, f849d53, 87dec2c, 83ad657, 02a630f, c4be7eb, b85773a, ac3a674, 3680d19, 64d6b81, 9650613, c5c177c, eedf127, df74c21, 0cbe0a6, 3cb60d6, 286cfb7, aeee3ff, C:fd163f5, C:4575eae, C:8d6e2dc, C:395eabb, C:71dcb5d, C:d25c186, F:8550e7a, F:f7394e1]
  • [New] [Feature]: Added new costume items: [0051a14, 1c76f8b, a310508, C:1ff3494, C:327a5ed, C:9e0ec2c] (Issue #436)
    •  Poporing Cap Costume
    •  Helm Costume
    •  Panda Cap Costume
    •  Flower Hairband Costume
    •  Lazy Smokie Costume
    •  Fashionable Sunglasses Costume
    •  Prontera Army Cap Costume
    •  Galapago Cap Costume
    •  Evil Ears Costume
    •  Sunglasses Costume
    •  Poring Hat Costume
  • [Fix] [Items]: Some notable items were updated as part of this episode: [da2d314, a1aea5d, C:fd163f5]
    •  Assassin Dagger has been reverted to its original effect (+30 SP). The more recent effect we were incorrectly using until now (HP +20%, SP +15%) will be restored in a later episode. The +2% ASPD and Shadow Element are still available.
    •  Censor Bar has its effects completely disabled during the current episode.
    •  Fireblend has been renamed to Firebrand.
    •  The effect from Rafflesia Card is now functional again.
    •  The items Kindle Dagger, Obsidian Dagger, Fisherman's Dagger, Jujube Dagger, Electric Wire, Bucket Hat are now enabled again. Players that owned one of them when it was disabled in a past episode, are now able to use them again by repairing them in the repair shop, or by asking a GM in case of problems.
  • [New] [Quests]: Added new, custom, quest for the Kafra Headband item. The quest was contributed by Luzze (thanks!). More info at http://bbs.originsro.org/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=1470 [3805b19, C:c2cda17]
  • [Fix] [Mobs]: Fixed an issue that caused many summoned monsters to give no exp or drops. [6cbbd15]
  • [Fix] [Items]: Fixed some costumes that were accidentally displayed in WoE. [3eda019]
  • [Fix] [Pets]: Fixed an issue that caused pets not to be returned to their egg at the beginning of WoE. [46dd267, 5e782b8]
  • [Fix] [Internals]: Various code optimizations and performance improvements. [cae53f2, 9b903d3, 13faf63, a2f9256, 96f7e06, 02a85fc, d53a7db, 1d7c988, 000e603, 531c104]
  • [Fix] [Commands]: Improved the compatibility of @commands command with custom commands. [68feea9]
  • [Fix] [Quests]: Fixed the order of some dialogues in the Crusader Job Change quest. [c9232ec, 77db293]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Corrected the base duration of Stun for the mob skill Lick (5 seconds) with base chance of 20% * level). [1e03a5b]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Corrected the base duration of Stun for the player skill Sightless Mind (30 seconds). [1e03a5b]
  • [Skills]: Disabled Ice Wall in the WoE castle entrance maps. [c091aff, 475651a]
  • [Fix] [NPCs]: Removed some broken menu entries from certain Kafras. [96859c6]
  • [Fix] [Battle]: Corrected an issue that caused guild allies to be considered enemies under certain conditions during WoE. [cb4297e, 55ec76c]
  • [Fix] [Quests]: Corrected a wrong warp in the Wizard Job Change quest. [4dfb6bc]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added new command @disbandparty. [083ed4a, a3a8029, 3228d15]
  • [New] [CP]: Added Shop Open Date information in various Market related pages. [c3d926c, F:78233d0, F:e001bc8, F:02a3bfe, F:55d755c]
  • [Fix] [Commands]: Prevented use of @duel outside towns. [ecceb0e, 4985db6]
  • [Fix] [Commands]: Updated @help with messages for several commands that were previously undocumented. [b063387]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added new command @itemshare. Items dropped by a party member and picked up by another party member now ignore the party sharing by default. To revert to the old behavior, disable @itemshare. [43e4d97, 1307277, 86d4b82]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added new command @navshop. The command enables Navigation mode, pointing to the requested character (vending or buying) shop. [dc21ee0, b072672]
  • [Features]: Updated the Master ID system to use the player's Master ID (instead of the character's) when logged in as a guest. This affects, among other things, NPC:AutoCommands, Master Storage, Command Shortcuts. [38273a7, fee4bae, 6ddd1f0, d5e3e7e]
  • [Fix] [Mobs]: Corrected an issue that would allow a player to prevent respawn of Amon Ra and similar monsters with a small respawn area, by camping the respawn point. [f978123] (Issue #462)
  • [Fix] [Maps]: Corrected an issue that made it impossible to stand in certain apparently empty cells, occupied by invisible NPCs. This improves the experience with the Dancer quest. [78bc99a] (Issue #406)
  • [New] [Commands]: Added various command aliases for convenience: @ws (alias of @whosells), @mmobs (alias of @mapmobs), @ishare (alias of @itemshare), @mobmaps (alias of @whereis). [c9286a3] (Issue #481)
  • [Commands]: Improve performance of the commands @mapmobs and @whereis. [ef7c271]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Fixed an issue that caused the Resurrection skill (when used offensively) to behave differently from Turn Undead on monsters with high defense. [c63520c]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed a glitch in the item restriction list, causing the display of several empty "/ / /" sections. [F:16423ce]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed an issue that caused certain pages to be unavailable during WoE. [F:178d1bf]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed various incorrect or misleading error messages. [F:8eff5b2, F:8334164, F:2b6c981, F:268b653, F:8533c7f, F:c6faaf6, F:5b7dab7]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed an issue that caused unnecessary space to appear around certain names. [F:17d2ead]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed an issue that caused extra blank lines to be printed in the Ranking pages. [F:203c7de, F:e14076c]
  • [New] [CP]: Added info about each castle's Treasure Chests in the Castles page. [F:b7f9708, F:93b0a4c]
  • [New] [CP]: Improved discoverability of the Character Deletion PIN by adding it to the Character page (and not just the Account page). [F:9aafd9b]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Improved the display of Attack and Walk Delays and the Exp Ratio in the Monster pages. [F:1f24b1d, F:5e4160a]
  • [CP]: Reorganized the Account page. [F:75776bb]

Changelog for GMs

  • [New] [CP]: Added an interface to customize the hourly announcer messages. [ba70278, 14ff637, F:6961e05]

Changelog for Scripters

  • [Commands]: Improved the warpguild() command with new parameters and performance enhancements. [ebb77e2, 5321ac0]
  • [Commands]: Improved the addtimer() command. It's now usable on other players and it returns a success or failure status. [404f321, 0920136, 404f321, cc6db9e]
  • [Commands]: Improved the deltimer() command. It's now usable on other players. [5d94553, 50c79f0, cc6db9e]
  • [Commands]: Improved the addtimercount() command. It's now usable on other players. [083c90c, 9a92949, cc6db9e]
  • [Docs]: Updated/added documentation for the Mob DB. [8765c72]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added script command gettimer(). [9c0abf3]
  • [Fix] [Commands]: Corrected an issue with the getstatus() command and infinite-duration statuses. [4cb8ded]
  • [New] [Commands]: Added script command getunits(). [7580593]
  • [New] [Misc]: Implemented the new, experimental, Mapcache system, with separated files for each map. This makes it easier to maintain map versions and duplicates. [cc938aa, abad4a9, 914a137, f865347]

Changelog for Developers

  • [New] [CI]: Made the project README more useful, showing coverage and build status badges. [21ac1a1]
  • [Fix] [Build]: Add compatibility to build with LTO enabled in recent GCC versions. [81c9166]
  • [CI]: Removed all the unnecessary builds from the CI script, in order to minimize build time (and costs). [6341a09, 1feeed8]
  • [New] [CP]: Changes to new branches are now automatically deployed to the testserver. [F:09f83d0]
  • [New] [CP]: Twig Extensions are now available to use in all pages. [F:cbabc9b]

  • [Merges]: [5e681c6, 386a671, 7950c54, d0568ee, 3971be1, 51e5e00, 3186fb9, 4b841b1, 805a03f, 07639c8, 8a6625c, 31af8d4, 2ea08e0, 7ae9186, ed220be, c07dcc8, 04f57d1, 2137ec1, fe0c5cd, 446b181, 1eb26bf, 62e9909, 5f3d37c, fda0b96, 3646fdd, cc8262c, fbfb6ce, ff56322, 2e23268, 222da9e, 76dc57e, 87c120a, 53ff75f, 48eb8e1, 007c146, b19fc93, c00ba13, d96b088, d821929, 1716742, 18e093a]
  • [API]: Database and API rebuilds: [e9fae35, 7b4d4fb, 1e3f616, 7757b41, bf7bdd1, 936e83b, d22808b, d35cb39]
  • [Extras]: Extra commits merged from Hercules (not affecting or relevant to OriginsRO at this time): [137d985, f95796d, 1470ca2, f8ab537, a32898b, f75bfae, 5b15b7b, 0263a6c, 302c0a6, 976b89d, 880ea65, ae14c64, 7aae8b0, 1885e79, 19b5c85, a021ebb, 53147ad, 2e601e6, 964268d, 0023b73, 679c515, 176b7f5, 54e3b4c, 4515e40, 65657d5, f29862a, 380f97e, 7a2c1a9]
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Re: [2017-05-20] Update Changelog

Postby Haru » May 21st, 2017, 3:27 am

Post updated with the changelog, enjoy!
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Re: [2017-05-20] Update Changelog

Postby ShadowMaster » July 10th, 2017, 2:09 pm

This is a very late reaction... Bye2x to assassins in WOE,.
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