[2016-12-24] Update Changelog

What's changed recently in OriginsRO? What bugs were fixed and what features were added? Here's the list.

[2016-12-24] Update Changelog

Postby Haru » December 25th, 2016, 3:06 am

Date/Time: 2016-12-24 16:00 [CET]
Status: Completed
Downtime: About 75 minutes, due to unexpected issues that arose during the maintenance.
Type: Updates and server maintenance.
Reasons: Upstream (Hercules) updates; Own (OriginsRO-Herc) updates; Database maintenance; System hotfixes.

This is a minor maintenance, with bug-fixing purpose. During the maintenance, database maintenance and system updates will take place. The Christmas Event will be loaded.

Changelog for Players

  • [Fix] [Skills]: Fixed the Teleport (and Fly Wings) search of a destination cell, making it now impossible to accidentally land on a Warp Portal. [b4ff7f3]
  • [Fix] [Commands]: Fixed a glitch (swapped item ID and amount of slots) in the drop item list displayed by @mi. [9fb90d3]
  • [Fix] [Quests]: Fixed a possible teleport issue in the jobchange quests. [9c2d186]
  • [Fix] [Party]: Fixed an issue in the Family Exp Sharing detection. [cfa4ae9]
  • [Fix] [Quests]: Fixed Classes higher than Novice not being able to learn First Aid. [4eda7a6, 8dba469, 840fbad, 3dc701b, 288c07e]
  • [New] [Event]: Christmas 2016 Event. [6772568, 47b4b9b, 921e6d5, 2605fc4, 290ce61, 3682640, d08f027, 061d5cc, bbeb7e9, 430ed3d, 278fcd7, 0ed94df, 374df4e, 2fe728f, 672ed84, 9f4633c, bba798a, 44a0c66, 094a961, 6c1e45f, 38d8013, fcf41da, 2ce566e, dc5e609, 1b7b20c, fe4915e, 95e0b9d, 6de23e3, 5dc3b3a, be32f72, 36de1d3, C:1d76dd5, C:5f8df76]
  • [Fix] [Items]: Fixed costumes not being correctly disabled in WoE. [ee74de4]
  • [Fix] [Misc]: Fixed several mob, item, skill names to use the original official version. [5cc8dca, 323e41c]
  • [Fix] [Mobs]: Corrected an issue that caused the MVP tombstones to show an incorrect localization of the mob name. [f7cd8f9]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Changed the Magnum Break cooldown to an aftercast delay. This fixes the interaction with Bragi's poem (issue #299). [c91c1c3]
  • [Fix] [Items]: Fixed Earth Deleter Card and similar items to affect melee physical attacks only (issue #421). [01a0e57]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Fixed the pushback direction of Cart Revolution to be behind the monster, rather than always left (issue #418). [453d816]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Prevented deletion of a buying store license when the buying store fails to open due to exceeding the weight limit. [02a2386, b2af1ff, 005e733]
  • [Fix] [Skills]: Fixed an unintended interaction between Sword Mastery and Grand Cross. [71431ce]
  • [New] [WoE]: Added the possibility to temporarily disable WoE, while retaining castle ownership. [2159b7b]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed an issue with forged items being displayed as slotted. [F:0570f73]
  • [New] [CP]: Rewritten all the frontend code to use a different template engine (Twig). This will make the code easier to maintain and modify in future. [F:4aefc23, F:133558b, F:e5fab2e, F:23ba556, F:b0e126a, F:d29a210, F:a8a0330, F:2caae9e, F:be290a8, F:ceb0124, F:5dca082, F:9b9ea85, F:99b36c7, F:5fa64cc, F:bffd478, F:385d110, F:e1dee31, F:d7c82ba, F:9fb06c4, F:b13a16c, F:10ffa69, F:0e494f6, F:3659a56, F:1f54902, F:631bfda, F:eee210f, F:926f347, F:bbc76c5, F:8e8841d, F:a7c4903, F:fcec7e7, F:89f7ba1, F:a640765, F:35d6030, F:62908a0, F:754aa5c, F:0570f73, F:0ea554e, F:020a235, F:41efb96, F:33a0aa5, F:c61ede6, F:4af35be]
  • [New] [Website]: Ported entire website to a more modern (and easier to maintain/update) platform. [W:cc3148e, W:0b736c4, W:c002273, W:6b1141b, W:7dc0a4d, W:c8f0988, W:3550493, W:589ffd0, W:bc290c7, W:2ebbbb8, W:da20a9f, W:afa2617, W:13a7313, W:3dbbd74, W:c31a69b, W:2020bbe, W:cf9cf8b, W:560bcf2, W:f78c0db, W:608b91a, W:d81cb57, W:273fd4b, W:7a4f592, W:8ae9d1d, W:40af959, W:22f67f0, W:20de4bf, W:e69699e, W:4fc5fc1, W:4d04df8, W:6471b70, W:2fcea30, W:b682d45, W:9c845e4, W:b0b2ad0, W:17116e0, W:bceeb4b, W:c8752f4, W:a73fa89]

Changelog for GMs

  • No relevant changelog entries.

Changelog for Scripters

  • [Fix] [Items]: Fixed several broken or incorrect AegisName values. [bcb3a33, a26eb2f, 692e155, 28c710b, 832d63d, 0a4fdb4, e384a7f]
  • [Fix] [Items]: Synchronized item ID constants between source and item database. [0f1d290]
  • [New] [Items]: Added validation for the AegisName while parsing the item db. [985d4ea]
  • [Scripts]: Removed support for apostrophes in constants and libconfig keys, now no longer necessary. [149a531, c12429c]
  • [Scripts]: Reorganization of the OriginsRO scripts folder. [6cf0cfb]
  • [New] [Scripts]: Added makeitem2() script command. [ac6fd81, 17420ee]
  • [New] [Scripts]: Added master-account based regs, using the #$ prefix. [998835e, 1b8d42f]
  • [Fix] [Commands]: Fixed a client crash when using @set with a long variable name. [fd3ed5f]

Changelog for Developers

  • [New] [Misc]: Re-generated libconfig with Bison 3.0.4 and Flex 2.6.2-1 (for better compatibility with modern compilers). [acb03e7, be7721f, 71cfb20]
  • [New] [Build]: Corrected various issues while building the tests. [ddd36bc, 2647674, c6c30ef]
  • [New] [Misc]: Added fixed-size versions of the int64 libconfig getters/setters. [564cf8e, 7350b97]
  • [New] [Tests]: Corrected various issues in the libconfig test suite. [7f5a6bf]
  • [New] [CI]: Added new tests to the CI build-bot. [187e885]
  • [New] [Misc]: Added support for static assertions (through the STATIC_ASSERT(ex, msg) macro). [9ac2545]
  • [Fix] [Misc]: Clarified the distinction between Job Class and Job MapID, and fixed related issues. [b0fde17, cfa4ae9, 76801cd, 0f5fdca, 8a9e589, a222f21, c1b4b0b]
  • [Fix] [Misc]: Added backward compatibility flags to the char and map servers, in order to be able to interoperate with an older login server [40e81e8]
  • [New] [Misc]: Improved memory usage and automatic reloading of the WoE Master Account whitelist feature. [b18226e]
  • [New] [Misc]: Improved memory usage of the Master Storage. [564d834]
  • [CP]: Updated submodule URLs for the new repository. [F:79948c2]
  • [CP]: Removed several unused/deprecated options, for a leaner, easier to debug and code-review control panel. [F:1d51f98, F:f372f9a, F:d547dc2, F:711e6b7, F:2def49d, F:931f507, F:9b305c4, F:d1dcba8, F:7cf3100, F:d5bd021, F:f986118, F:bb0f6fd, F:313dfb1, F:ee14549]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed a query error in the Picklog viewer. [F:04809de]
  • [New] [CP]: Added more details to the SQL error log. [F:cd9aaf9]
  • [New] [CP]: Added functions to easily debug character variables (for GMs only). [F:8523ff1]
  • [Fix] [CP]: Fixed an issue with master accounts in the IP-ban module. [F:4109165]
  • [Merges]: [3f42554, 90068b1, 511219a, 4311b26, ed19da0, e0bff9d, f83ac09, b8411fa, cadfd69, 017c388, fb0b033, 99a36a4, 7885457, e145343, 751c646, cf1e77c, ddb8c5c, 6b19e42, 2ab9d76, b0e1354, 8bd8147, d0d0c9c, 04a177e, e3a2386, a5fff41]
  • [API]: Database and API rebuilds: [20b44f8, cd7d7ea, 9d3b002, a897937, 61a8f22, 0705709, 3f26f9b, 2150e64, 62ffe0c, 8ec4eb4, 6a62d9b]
  • [Extras]: Extra commits merged from Hercules (not affecting or relevant to OriginsRO at this time): [b690469, b071ee3, 47834e8, 4b319d0]
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