Changes and Clarifications to our ToS

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Changes and Clarifications to our ToS

Postby Kreuzbube » 2020-11-21 22:44 (Saturday)

We changed and clarified the following parts of our Terms of Service:

  • Topic IV.3. Harassment
    • Increased minimum punishment to a three (3) day ban.
    • Removed maximum for punishment.
    • Increased minimum punishment for people who switch accounts to continue harassing to a seven (7) day ban.
  • Topic III.4. Account Trading
    • Changed title to: Topic III.4. Account Trading, Real Money Trading, Trades outside of Origins Online
    • Added clarification to what was already covered as follows: This means that any trading of Origins Online internal items, zeny, accounts, services in exchange for currency, items, accounts, services or goods outside of Origins Online are prohibited.
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