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Rank points decay

PostPosted: 2019-12-01 20:02 (Sunday)
by Mathy
Good day,

As announced in the previous patch notes, we have implemented what we call "rank decay". This means that on the first day of each month, ranking points for all characters, active or not, will be reduced. This means that Blacksmiths, Alchemists, and Taekwon Rankers will have their current amount of points in their class's ranking slightly lowered. This is to prevent the amount of points required to reach to the top from getting too high, and to prevent people from only logging in every month just to stay in the ranking, but not actually doing ranking activities.

We are still tweaking the function, but we can announce a few things that are unlikely to change soon: the amount of points being deducted is a function that only takes your current points as input; the process will deduct at least 1 point, unless the character has 0 points; and the amount of points being taken away is about 2% of the currently held points.

This covers it!